Francis Ponge has been called “the poet of things” because simple objects like a plant, a shell, a cigarette, a pebble, or a piece of soap are the subjects of his. The Nature of Things has ratings and 22 reviews. The Voice of Things contains a number of texts by Francis Ponge, including the complete text of Taking. A poet long unread, Ponge has come into his own since the s with admirers from Sartre to Sollers. Sartre considered him the poet of existentialism.

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Would you like to write for The Rumpus? Reading Ponge’s Soap many years ago turned me into a lifelong fan.

Ponge was a true visionary of the minute little detail often overlooked. Until finally, everything sinks into my body and flies out through my head, as though through a chimney open to the sky.

The Nature of Things by Francis Ponge

No eBook available Amazon. I feel this has been reproduced with love and understanding.

For its perpetuity, in short. Miniscule airborne sailboat abused by the wind mistaking it for a twice-spawned petal, it gallivants around the garden. Voicee PongeBeth Archer Brombert. Ponge schrijft en beschrijft alledaagse voorwerpen, maar op een bijna metafysisch niveau. From inside the book. Furthermore, it arrives too late and can only francks the flowers’ blooming.

From inside the book. It reveals his preoccupation with nature and its metaphoric transformation through the creative ambiguity of language. There are observations about mollusks, oysters and roughly 15 pages about shrimp.


My immediate reaction was: Let us then prepare the page on which today may be born A verdant verity. There is I think one “traditional” poem in the book and it is about a prairie – it’s pretty good! Meanwhile, pongge candle, by the flickering of its rays on the book in the sudden release of its own smoke, encourages the reader – then leans over on its stand and drowns in its own aliment.

Prose poems about ordinary things that make them deeply interesting. The Voice of Thingsas one might expect, is profoundly concerned with the relationship of the human world to the non-human—rain, blackberries, oysters, oranges, cigarettes, trees, bread, water, the end of Autumn, mollusks, snails, moss, meat, shells, pebbles and snails.

My library Help Advanced Book Search. Lee Fahnestock’s translation of his first book seems both fluid and graceful. FatherMontaneli rated it it was ok May 29, Fragile but not frangible, The soil at times reconquers the surface, Marked by the little hooves of the foal that galloped there, Trampled by the cattle that pushed slowly toward the watering place The horizon, overscored with misty accent marks, seems to be printed in small letters, of darker or lighter ink depending on the light.

But I do not mean to to be sentimental.

Pinker than nature and less agile than a monkey, he leaps on the rigging, possessed by pure zeal. No way out of our original onomatopoeias.


Translated from the French by Lee Fahnestock. Because each caterpillar had it’s head blinded and blackened, and it’s torso shrunk by the veritable explosion from which its symmetrical wings flamed – From then on the erratic butterfly no longer alights except by chance of route, or just about.

It may well be that I am not very intelligent; in any case ideas are not my forte. No trivia or quizzes yet. One can only compare the gait of fire to that of an animal; it must first leave one place before occupying another; it moves like an amoeba and a giraffe at the same time, its neck lurching, its foot dragging ….

Books by Francis Ot.

The Nature of Things

Lists with This Book. Ponge is not something that you necessarily read straight through insomuch as you dine on his works over a period of time. The most well-founded opinions, the most harmonious best constructed philosophic systems have always seemed to me utterly precarious, caused in me a certain queasiness, an ovice, an unpleasant feeling of instability. Feb 24, Ben Loory rated it voive was amazing. Want to Read saving…. In The Moth Snowstorm: Brad rated it did not like it Aug 22,