SOCIAL DILEMMA: HOMOSEXUALITY Homosexuals in the Philippine Society as Depicted in “Geyluv” by Honorio Bartolome De Dios my voice, the ocean’s bell. Here is Geyluv written by Honorio Bartolome de Dios. Gey Luv Honorio Bartolome de Dios’ “Geyluv” states a love story of two individuals in the personsof Benjie and Mike who belong to the same sex. It talks about.

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For being compatible in a lot of things and interests, they consequently became good friends. When he realized he was already falling for Benjie he found it weird and hard to accept. Homosexual individuals may have different perspectives in life but that dee not give an excuse to anybody to discriminate them. You simply don’t choose who you are attracted to. Honorio Bartolome de Dios Geyluv states a love story of two individuals in the persons of Benjie and Mike who belong to the same sex.

The injury that it is inflicting and the living scars on the skin of both the heteros and homos in our society will continue as man strives to live in this diverse world. Notably, this kind of homosexuals are those bagtolome we see in parlors, the one that is comical and laughable, the one that receives less respect and improper treatment from many, the one which is usually looked down and degraded. This short story intentionally leaves the readers an open end which makes it worth discussing and interesting.

Prejudice and discrimination against homosexual and bisexual people, however, have been shown to cause psychological harm. I simply don’t feel it.


Skip to main content. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Hes a gay and eat your own ears, he would say.

He also doubted it, but why should he, bartolime told himself. I don’t see why some people should be discriminated either by race or gender. First, because he is afraid to love. They drink together, watch movie together, or simply even eat together for meals. He doesnt care whether you respect him for being a gay. Gayluv, as a product of a first bartllome experience of a gay man who wants to share the life of homosexuals, and to express his opinions regarding the issues faced by this gender in our society.

A short guide to writing about literature 7th edition. Personally, the story serves as an eye opener for me because honestly before, I already have these questions in mind, why do men have to be gays? Homosexuals are also portrayed in the story as someone who does not deserve to be happy in terms of emotional aspect, most specifically in the aspect love. Homosexuality is one of the most sensitive social issues nowadays. On the other hand, Mike is an attractive, intelligent, and full of masculinity bachelor who just broke up with his girlfriend named Carmi for the reason of imbalanced between work and the woman.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Geyluv by Honorio Bartolome De Dios by Hannah Giswold on Prezi

But now, having bartplome read and understood the feelings of gay people, I now understand how they feel. The ending of these two is eventually Mike fell for Benjie but was not able to admit it because during this time, he would notice that Benjie is evading him for some reasons. Honorio De Dios served as an amplifier for the voice of this minority to be heard and be understood by the society. Bu good thing about him is he believes in the line Naniniwala yata akong pinagpala din ng Diyos ang mga bakla!


To love and to be loved is a privilege intended for all humans not excluding individuals who belong to the third sex. It showed the character of gay people as very energetic, fun, and loving but sometimes they feel underappreciated and discriminated because of their gayness.

Preferred ending varies according to the opinion of individuals reading it about same sex relationships. Click here to sign up. The author had vividly illustrated the strict view of the society on the third sex.

I can say my view has even changed. Post on Nov 1.


Benjie is a gay honkrio had been hurt many times because of love and because of that, he turned to be a bitchy gay. While there are those who still hold the view that homosexual activity is “unnatural” or “dysfunctional”, research has shown that homosexuality is an example of normal variation in human sexuality and is not in and of itself a source of negative psychological effects.

It is a beautiful thing for all.