The son-in-law of the Carlo Delcroix of The Cantos, Giano Accame was a journalist and writer on politics and economics associated with the more progressive. Giano Accame. Translator’s note: Notes and quotations from English sources have been replaced with the originals; the author’s first name is supplied where. Giano. 0 references. date of birth. 30 July Gregorian. 0 references. place of birth · Stuttgart. 1 reference. imported from Wikimedia project · Italian Wikipedia.

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Shylock hates the generous Venetian merchant Antonio, who does not lend money at interest, I hate him for he is a Christian; But more for that in low simplicity He lends out money gratis, and brings down The rate of usance here with us in Venice.

Calaméo – Giano Accame – I mistici di Elémire Zolla

Dante deplored the capitalistic degeneration of his city and the greed of the Church: Minnesota UP, Money circulates in these novels. In an article in the Meridiano di Roma 18 June in which he recommends a rereading of the classics with attention to their economic contents, Pound writes: In so doing, he is able to call on illustrious literary predecessors.

Is money to be gathered? A common familial extraction unites the intolerance of Pound and Dante. Beginning in the middle of the century Ruskin proclaimed that the use of gold coin was a barbaric residue. Behold the beast who bears the pointed tail, who crosses mountains, shatters weapons, walls Behold the one whose stench fills all the world!

Ending in infantilism vide Mr.

Though he did not parade it, Pound the heretic economist was the heir of Wilde, Ruskin and Morris. Like Pound, he was convinced that it was not at all utopian to imagine an era of abundance and that only the poor accane of labor and distribution was the cause of poverty. Movimento Sociale Italianothe party which after the war inherited the legacy of Fascism.


RSI Giano Accame

Too much advice is not wanted, neither the reflection nor much less the burden of economic debates. In an article in the Meridiano di Roma for 27 August Pound insists on the liberty of the artist as comprising the right and duty to range where he chooses, even into economics, and he lists his predecessors: Dickens clothed his denouncements of the looming social question in humor while the industrial revolution darkened the landscape with clouds of carbon dust, and Oscar Wilde, John Ruskin, and William Morris laid the basis of a critique which linked art to economics in order to challenge the latter’s primacy and bend qccame to a wiser and more compassionate consideration of humanity.

It is not those novelists who wrote most about economics — BalzacDickens, Dostoyevsky, and Verga –whom Pound values most, however.

Balzac was the first to demonstrate boldly and fearlessly that money dovetails into the noblest, the finest, the most spiritual of feelings. Macmillan Press, The intuition that grasps them has no preferences or parti-pris. When Shakespeare has Antonio ask Shylock, “Or is your gold and silver ewes and rams?

These writers belong to a special vein of the English tradition in which philanthropy claims to speak ex cathedra and give lessons on economics from the perspective of aesthetics. The earliest forms of European poetry already contained economic material: For a vision that is concerned without being catastrophic, see H.

But sometimes their works blossom with poetic quotations. The world is so regulated by the laws of Providence, that a man’s labour, well applied, is always amply sufficient to provide him during his life with all things needful to him, and not accamf with those, but with many pleasant objects of luxury. It is not just a question of being sympathetic to the problems of social justice, as many intellectuals were. His family came from Loano, on the Italian Riviera, though he lived mostly in Rome.

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Accaame he consider Christians as his legitimate prey? Pound believed that fiction and drama were useful for understanding economics. The characters curse her and hope she will croak. But [Balzac] fed his novels with reality from an additional source: Finally America discovers a poet,” even before he himself had begun to include such themes in his poetry.

The catastrophic possibility of being humiliated giwno the eyes of the world acts as a spur to their ambition, and arouses a passionate desire to make good.

axcame Had he remained faithful to the religion of his mother? Ferdinando Galiani, Della monetaMilan: In “The Meek One” the moneylender husband of the woman who has committed suicide is even an ex-official who has had to abandon his career because he refused to fight a duel.

Giano Accame – I mistici di Elémire Zolla

Ever since the days when aristocratic privilege was abolished, ever since the vast differences of status were reduced to a general level of equality, money has come more and more to be the blood and the driving force of social life. Il Cantar de Mio Cidcomposed between andrelates events which occurred in the previous century.

Pound, Idee fondamentali And Alyona Ivanovna, the loanshark in Crime and Punishmentbelongs to the privileged class of the Tsarist bureaucracy, for she is the widow of a small clerk.