In the last decade, global warming and the need .. The specification and production capacity of the Hydraform machines adopted by. UNIDO to promote this. Global warming — the gradual heating of Earth’s surface, oceans and atmosphere — is one of the most vexing environmental issues of our. 36 Role of Government of Kenya in the Promotion of Hydraform-ISSBs to contribute to global warming and aggravating the climate change situation.

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Between years [ ] 3.

Global warming – Wikipedia

It is understood that most of the buildings constructed hydrafofm conventional building materials are unaffordable to a majority of the developing world’s regions with no exception to the Kenyan population, thus necessitating the development and adoption of alternative, relatively cheap, glbal and durable on site produced materials mainly in the form of Stabilized Soil Blocks HABRI, The geology and rock types described above were provided in map 1.

Retrieved 3 May I further acknowledge the assistance accorded to me by the following instrumental persons: The soil excavation at times results into burrows whose impacts may include; holding stagnant water, accidents, loss of life, loss of biodiversity, change of drainage pattern, loss of agricultural land. Journal of Geophysical Research: Further, the aftermath of the post-election mayhem resulted into additional household in Nakuru County from internally displaced persons IDPs who migrated from other parts of the Country.


The questionnaires were adequately administered during the visits to the project sites with per cent response rate attained from both individual and community project categories. It is extremely likely that human influence has been the dominant cause of the observed warming since the midth century.

Global temperature is subject to short-term fluctuations that overlay long-term trends, and can temporarily mask or magnify them. Previous studies have tended to concentrate on the production processes, structural suitability, and cost- effectiveness of the Stabilized Soil Blocks with little regard to the environmental impacts.

Intermediate Technology Publications, London, England. The low per capita levels could therefore make people to resort to use of environmentally destructive materials and unsustainable technologies in shelter provision strategies.

What Is Global Warming? | Global Warming Facts

From the respondent data analysis however, it was found to hydrfaorm been provided as an additional factor by about 9 respondents comprising of about 25 per cent of the total respondents, all of whom per cent considered it important and consequently influenced their decision to adopt ISSBs technology.

The specific issues addressed in this study included extent of use, factors affecting adoption, environmental impacts and mitigation measures. It also outlined the terminologies used in the study, key among were; independent, dependent and intermediate variables.

This can either be obtained from palm tree of any other plants that has similar property. A Case Study of Nakuru County. Environment Influence in Technology Adoption Security of the Building The study was conducted between August-Septemberand some of the projects in the sample were at their infant stages and not much of the environmental impacts could be noticed.


Selected cities were purposively chosen as study areas due to the prominence of modern and local building materials used in these cities.

The current building code dates back to and mainly found to be a replica of the British building Regulations of Availability of other Appropriate Technologies 8.

Water would be pumped into pipes through the engine room, which ended up heating the water slightly.

Global warming

It described the research subject and the study area. A large type of brick not necessarily made of fired clay, but stabilized in some way, sometimes with central cores removed to reduce the weight Brick: Climate change and the transformation of energy technologies for a low carbon future” PDF.

Blocks could also be produced with higher clay and silt contents, but there was need to determine the plasticity index for suitability Hydraform, Archived gydraform the original PDF on 25 October There are several big ways climate change can and will affect the globe: Journal of Geophysical Research. The blocks were measuring mm X mm X mm and weighed approximately 8kg Donde, Gichana Samuel Individual Rongai