ePHOTOzine has partnered up with to bring you a selection of Gossen Lunasix 3 instruction manuals and related photographic literature. Gossen Lunasix 3, although built around the early ’70, is a very The Gossen Lunasix is a purely passive circuit, i.e. there are only .. Hello, at last I´ve been able to calibrate mi gossen Lunasix 3 with your instructions. In the. Maker: Gossen. Dates: Variants: Lunasix, Lunasix 3, Lunasix 3s. Type: Ambient exposure meter.

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This involves opening the meter case lunssix adjusting several variable resistors inside. The range of adjustment is sufficient by design to accomodate the variance and normal i.

Do you get any readings on any scale? Being a purely passive, resistive, linear circuit it has no principal problem with a slightly higher battery voltage, besides showing wrong exposure values of course.

Micro attachment The Lunasix meter can be used for photo-microscopy, by using the accessory Micro Attachment to fit the meter to a microscope. You can read the pages one by one from the links below, or get the whole manual in pdf format you will need Acrobat Reader. December 4, at Once set for the film you use, should not need setting again if you make a note of the adjustment details. Lunasix, Lunasix 3, Lunasix 3s Type: Yesterday I stumbled upon a very nice, mint-looking original grey Lunasix at a garage sale.

If you misadjust them badly, they can read whatever you want on each scale. Retrieved from ” http: But there is another big problem that I can not fix it that is the needle can never be tested to the zero position. Should it not be closer to mV? Just use majual camera with built in metering or another meter, such as a Weston. The Lunasix and Luna-pro meters are designed to use a pair of mercury cells.


Is it because the batteries or the needle not properly set to zero position?

I am wondering why noone tried to recalibrate the galvanometer instrument. I have bags of 1N and 1N Si diodes and have measured the voltage drop across lunasx number of them and it is always in the region of mV.

But the major problem is that the indicator needle is stuck at the right of the display. Well adjusted Lunasix is accurate to below its readout resolution!

Lunasix 3 manual

If so, best thing would be to test the CdS cell — use a controlled setup ran against a known good meter and register resistance of the cell for every EV level in the range. I recently received a lunasix 3, which I am now struggling to calibrate.

Because of this, in most cases it is possible to readjust the meter for 1. Share This Page Tweet. What you need to know is that the switch not only moving the ND filter, it also changes the connections within the meter. They right one is: I disassembled the meter to see if I could find the trouble.

I follow the manual of Lunasix 3 to test zero position of the indicator needle. I vossen it so that the clear opening replaces the silvered side when in low-light mode, I assume that is right. However, repetitive process like this requires you to have a necessary set of reference luminances at hand, e. This page has been accessed 4, times.

Where to get the users instruction manual for Gossen Lunasix? | Photography Forums

Can anybody tell me where to get the manual for Lunasix? It never reached to the check line zero line. But goseen diodes for the voltage drop from 3. I even stuck it in front of another Lunapro, which I am using as a reference, and it lowered the reading by mnaual six stops.

All I did was to put the lever arm through the hole in the corner, and swing the mirror part into its slot before closing the case.


The upper half of the case will lift off. Manuql Bogen, they’re very good about supplying older manuals. The switch looks fine, but I cleaned the contacts just in case. Keep this site quiet, please folks, because many of these useful web resources get taken down by spiteful companies that can’t be bothered to put their old manuals online themselves, but will move heaven and earth to stop other people providing that service for free.

The frame that holds the mirror is soft, maybe it got deformed a little when it hit the floor? Can you tell me how I could test the individual pots? March 5, at October 2, at It should be silverish and quite opaque, you might see a light source like the sun or a bright lunazix through it, but not your desk. It gkssen to warm the glue up, so either use your hair-dryer or put the meter belly-up in the sun in either case remember to remove batteries first! A wall in a windowless toilet can be as dark as EV-3, a whitewashed wall outside in the sun will hit EV17, try your best to fill at least the gray marked range in the spreadsheet.

It has a hole in it, through which the serial number kanual be seen. The gamma value is 0.

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Hi, You recommend any small diode. Inspect carefully the front part where the sensor is. These are the LDR leads. I have a black Lunasix 3 model 6D which has hardly been used over the years.

I got it back in, I thought exactly right, but when I close the case the range switch wants to bind. The filter appears to be fine.