Provides the most accurate time attendance system available. Find the best value and selection for your HandPunch needs. More info click here. HandPunch Benefits: Eliminates buddy punching and time fraud. Eliminates the expense and hassles of badges and card-based systems. Complete. Created to meet the needs of the most demanding time and attendance applications, the HandPunch supplements the benefits of the , and

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Options include an Ethernet Hanfpunch Module and a This is the heavy duty reflective surface sticker where the employee places their hand. Will-Call Hours E. The information provided on this page may be partial, or incomplete but we do our best to Typically ships within hours.

HandPunch 4000

Two Programmable Function Keys. A silicon rubber keypad creates a seal against the outside elements. There is no question anymore, Employees have to be there to punch Not the old model green color EN Ethernet card. Standard RS communications makes networking terminals easy and reliable. Employee messaging Review of employee information fields Validation tables to ensure proper data entry Access restriction to keys by employee User defined prompts Multi-level input sequences definable per key Decision menus to minimize keystrokes Schedules by Employee Emaployee Schedules Employee schedules may be downloaded to the HandPunch to restrict the times that an employee can punch.

Does not include any other accessories.

HandPunch Biometric Hand Reader from Recognition Systems

Handpinch provides a finish that inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and fungi. The cost of creating and administering badges is eliminated along with buddy punching.


Schlage Biometrics, now brings the accuracy and convenience of biometric technology easily within reach of most time and attendance software. For sale is the complete top panel cover assembly includes connection cord, keypad, hanndpunch and logic boards all you can see in the picture.

In addition, employees can view up to 24 information fields to find out about their schedule, total hours worked, handpumch more. In addition to providing all of the features that the other models have, the HandPunch has a total of 10 extra function keys for more flexible programming capability.

It does all the time management work for us. Get rid of those paper time cards! No fingerprints or palm prints are utilized.

Handpunch 4000

The terminal is fast and easy for anyone to use. A cost-saving, easy-to-use solution With the HandPunchyour hand is your badge. Because no one can punch in or out for your employees, the Handpunch Biometric Time Clock eliminates time theft, improves payroll accuracy and puts you in control of your most costly expense, Labor!!

Our phone number is Some time and attendance software packages may not have implemented all of these features in their interface software. Each unit also provides RS serial printer support. He was courteous, professional and was able to train us to use the system easily.

HandPunch | HandPunch Guys

Save Money over Card Based Systems: The costs and risks associated with credentials that can be lost, stolen or duplicated without authorization is also eliminated. Consider the Supplier behind the System Used And fully tested from setup to programming to polling 30 Day Mone With Schlage HandPunch E it is impossible for an employee to clock-in or out for the other. A large enterprise looking to implement all the “bells and whistles” will be happy to know that the HandPunch may be the solution that will fulfill all of their handpunfh.


Red or Green lights for status of each punch Platen shown in image abovehas Pegs that ergonomically direct and position placement of hand.

R2 Ready For ReSale.

Brand new hardware kit that came from a new hp unit but will work with,units Includes wall mount with gasket, one key, blue 7′ cable, 3 green connection pin plugs, 3 flat w We also carry other repair parts for Handpunch and Hand Call us to find out how your enterprise can implement this tremendous cost-cutting technology.

No more handpunh lines at clock and you will be saving some trees. The keys can also be defined to allow employees to review hsndpunch or find out about their schedules, vacation time accumulated, hours worked, and other programmed information.

The system ensures payroll accuracy by simply requiring each employee to be there to punch. A Biometric handreader verifies an employee in less than a second. This will provide a method for employees to enter data at the terminal such as tips, department or job transfers, number of pieces produced, etc. Every time I had a question, he was also quick to respond. The order cannot be combined or modified after checkout has been completed.