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When an error happens during deployment, or if the deployed site does not run correctly, the error messages don’t always provide an obvious solution. The tutorial will walk you through the steps for installing it when you need it.

Hébergement Internet haute disponibilité – RD médias

If you get an error message or something doesn’t work as you go through the tutorials, be sure to check the troubleshooting page. With this extension, you have the option Blazor when creating a new ASP. To upload files to Azure Storage, multiple options exist, but with most options one by one file needs to be uploaded to the storage account. This tutorial was written with version 1. With a Blazor app, the complete code runs on the client.

Code First Migrations automates the process of making incremental changes to a data model and propagating those changes to the database. To see what the project looks like at the end of the tutorials, open the project in the ContosoUniversity-End folder.

During the initial deployment, the dbDacFx provider creates tables and other database objects in the destination database to match the source database. Over 30 Free 1-Click Script Installs! Azure Functions offer different ways to activate them.

Troubleshooting during this tutorial When an error happens during deployment, or if the deployed site does not run correctly, the error messages don’t always provide an obvious solution.

To work through the steps of the tutorial, start with the project located in the C folder. However, you can use the same basic procedures for deploying to a third-party hosting provider of your choice. You can use static website hosting from other technologies, e. The methods shown in this tutorial require that you use the Web Deploy publish method.

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It is based on the Microsoft. In case you already run an App Service Plan that is not fully busy, you can use it host your Functions there as well. Programming language The sample application uses C but the tutorials do not require knowledge of Cand the deployment techniques shown by the tutorials xsp not language-specific.


Another reason to run scripts during deployment is to make schema changes that can’t be done automatically because they would cause data loss. MVC 4 includes many advance features than previous version like new mobile and desktop templates. Using services hosted in Azure App Services is not really useful when saving money by hosting the Blazor website with Azure Storage.

If you don’t, a good place to start is a basic ASP. You’ll see how to deploy by using Visual Studio one-click publish, and you’ll see how to deploy using the command line. On subsequent deployments, the provider determines what is different between the source and destination databases, and it updates the schema of the destination database to match the source database.

If the application implements a Migrations Seed method, the method runs after the database is created or the schema is updated. Comments welcome Comments on the tutorials are welcome, and when the tutorial is updated every effort will be made to take into account bebergeur or suggestions for improvements that are provided in tutorial comments. This is not a problem in development because test data is easily re-created, but in production you usually want to update the database schema without dropping the database.

NET developers who work in environments where: The tutorials ap been updated to mention these features and link to resources that have more information about them. In the backend, Azure Functions can be used — which only costs when invoked. NET hosting service can help you create efficient sites using newest web standards including link to social networking sites, video insertions and connection to SQL Server databases. Enjoy programming and learning, Christian Advertisements.

For the screen shots in this tutorial, the project folder is located in the root directory on the C: Published by Christian Nagel. In this tutorial you will use the first two hebegreur these methods. In this tutorial, you’ll use Code First Migrations to deploy the application database. Learn how your comment data is processed. You can let Code First automatically decide how to make the required schema changes, or you can write code that customizes the changes.


You need hebergur Azure SDK even if you plan to publish to a third-party hosting provider instead of to Azure, because the SDK includes the latest updates to Visual Studio web publish features.

You can follow the tutorial by using Visual Studio SP1 or Visual Studiobut some screen shots will be different and some features will be different. Since then newer versions with additional features have been released.

Depending on how many of the SDK dependencies you already have on your machine, installing the Azure SDK could take a long time, from several minutes to a half hour or more.

ASP.NET Hosting

Deployment from source control using a continuous delivery hebergeir is not covered in these tutorials except for one tutorial that shows how to deploy from the command line. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

You can skip parts that aren’t relevant to your situation, but then you might have to adjust the procedures in later tutorials. Most of the procedures are similar for Visual Studio For publishing to Azure Storage, you need to select Folderand publish all the needed files to this folder.

By default, the provider won’t make any changes that cause data loss, such as when a table or column is dropped. SQL Server hosting is also an effective way to build databases and applications. The extension Azure Storage hebdrgeur to manage your Heberyeur Storage Accounts, and to upload files to deploy the files for a static website. After creating this Azure Storage account, you can configure it to enable static websites.

When you have the prerequisites installed, download the Contoso University web application. Blazor hrbergeur currently experimental, and static heebrgeur hosting from Azure Storage is in preview — but everything looks very promising.

When you create the publish profile, you select a check box that is labeled Execute Code First Migrations runs on application start. In addition to the Functions App, a shared library is useful to hold the model type the Book class, and probably some business logic.