Dr Hiltrud Strasser, DVM, Ph.D. For nearly three decades, Dr. Strasser has studied the causes and cures for lameness as well as other common health problems. Hiltrud Strasser. likes ยท 1 talking about this. Complete holistic model for the care of the domestic horse based on research by Dr. vet. med. Strasser. Hiltrud Strasser Dr. Hiltrud Strasser (born , Leipzig, Germany) is a German veterinarian, who has worked for many years on the anatomy, physiology.

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Hiltrud Strasser

Hiltrud Strasser and Sabine Kells for their valuable assistance in preparing this series of articles. Natural environment – It is generally recognized that strassed are best kept in as natural an environment as possible.

Her campaign for the education of new horse owners and hoof care students expands as she continues her travels across the world. When the hoof hits the ground and bears weight, the hoof capsule changes – the walls naturally move apart and the sole adjusts from concave to flat.

She has published papers hiltrid books on this topic since the s. The frog and bulbs being on the same level as the heel in the properly trimmed or naturally worn hoof allows for direct contact, and because there is a natural concavity of the sole, a suction-cup effect occurs on weightbearing.

This page was last edited on 19 Novemberat If all the damaging effects of shoeing are not reason enough to not shoe, then the fact that, even on difficult terrain, horses manage very well without shoes should be.

Kidney disease – Dr.

Equine welfare describes the acceptable conditions of life and use for domesticated horses, in contrast to suffering produced by voluntary or involuntary actions of others, whether through physical abuse, mutilation, neglect, or other forms of ill treatment.


Strasser’s method of hoof care allege that her methodology may result in lameness, pain and discomfort. It niltrud also be remembered that even after many years of shoeing, the damage can be reversed.

Hiltrud Strasser – Wikipedia

I was able to see clear evidence of failures. All rights reserved ISSN: Hoof expansion – This was a hotly debated topic in the ‘s info on which can be found in Dollar’s Handbook of Horse Shoeing.

Franchises teach you how to do it their way, period.

Unique Parts of the Strasser Method: It was debated whether or not the hoof naturally expanded on loading, what form that deformation took and whether or not it should be encouraged.

Her results are apparently not repeatable and no studies of circulation comparing shod and barefoot legs has been done.

Hiltrud Strasser | Revolvy

A commonly seen error in horseshoeing is for the front feet to be steep and the hind not as steep. The hoof is composed of horn, soft horn, insensitive and sensitive tissues, soft tissues, nerves, blood vessels, and bone.

Returning the hooves to their natural form and health is a process, and it may take weeks, months, or years, depending on the severity of the pre-existing damages.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but is distinctly different from pure education. Although the points she makes are thought-provoking, until they can be backed up with evidence, they won’t stick. Member feedback about Hipposandal: She points to a study by Bein showing that steel shoes changed the frequency of vibration in the foot and multiplied it’s strength by three. Strasser’s method of hoofcare and her hoof clinic, which allows conventionally “incurable” horses to be restored to soundness, was published in a Swiss equestrian magazine.


Unless and until repeatable evidence of the safety and benefits of the method rather than just testimonials is demonstrated by the proponents it seems that the parts of the method that differ from currently accepted practices are far too risky to recommend-particularly when done by anyone with less than 4 years of experience in the method.

I’ve driven several hours to see the best available examples within miles of my home. When observing the hoof from the side, the angle of the coronet where hair meets hoof with the ground should be considered.

Strasser’s method it is frustrating to not have hilttrud evidence to be able to give a definitive answer. I happen to like BKr. Strasser claims the unproven lack of circulation caused by shoes in turn causes kidney disease, liver disease, and dandruff. Each hoof is a heart-supporting circulatory pump, as well as having the functions of protection of its inner parts, shock absorption, traction, and secure footing.

A cross-under bitless bridle A bitless bridle is a general term describing a wide range of headgear for horses or other hiltdud that controls the animal without using a bit. She has also co-authored a recent stgasser with Robert Cookcovering bitting injuries and other problems associated with horses’ bits. Strasser has authored several textbooks on lameness and healing, reference books on natural boarding for horses, and many articles for both horse and veterinary journals.

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