Visit ‘s Hugh Schonfield Page and shop for all Hugh Schonfield books. Check out pictures, bibliography, and biography of Hugh Schonfield. Hugh J. Schonfield has 64 books on Goodreads with ratings. Hugh J. Schonfield’s most popular book is The Passover Plot. There is probably no other figure in modern Jewish historical research who is more controversial or famous than Hugh J. Schonfield, who once said: “The.

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His giving testamonial precedence to the gospel attributed to John is quite eccentric. The Original New Testament: It must be admitted that these fascinating notions are set forth in more detail in Schonfield’s earlier works, but then most of these are no longer readily available.

It seems that the manuscript may well be authentic. So I can hardly believe that. Even his idea that a person could, with sufficient will and planning, attempt to live out various old testament prophecies, is interesting insofar as it puts the idea of Jesus as Messianic figure in context. Refresh and try again. This alphabet has not been adopted. Since Schonfield’s death inhis popularity and the interest in his prodigious work, which included over 40 books, has drawn increasing attention, particularly outside Judaism.

He viewed himself as the living image of Christ on earth even as Christ had been the image of God.

It is clear that Jerusalem and Judea were as bloody and violent then as they frequently are these days. The author, himself a Jewish theologian, pointed out that Jesus was thoroughly familiar with the Hebrew Bible.

The Passover Plot by Hugh J. Schonfield

It displays much erudition, and it is an enjoyable read even for the layman. Read this fifty plus years ago. For another, Schonfield retained a good measure of the Rationalism of an earlier generation of critics.


Schonfield makes his case by appealing to passages selected from Romans 11 and Ephesians, and this makes his argument still more problematical. To add more books, click here. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

Hugh J. Schonfield

Schonfield doesn’t ‘prove’ that Jesus wasn’t the Messiah. Dec 05, Laura rated it it was amazing Shelves: View all 6 comments. There is a huge amount of speculation in the book without much, if any, evidence to support it. The Original New Testament.

If, or rather since, he was the Messiah, he ought to be able to accomplish this, the work of the Messiah. Trivia About The Passover Plot. It schnofield written in and scholars have been actively working since then so some things Schonfield shares are out of date. Yet he carefully avoids all reference to it, and for good schhonfield. No, schonield would be myopic. The aftermath had to be improvised. I read this book prior to having read the bible in its entirety xchonfield, so, with a rather naive acceptance of Dr.

He gives us so much information that can help us gain a better understanding of the life and times of Jesus and the place. I think that Schonfield hypothesized that John, the disciple “whom he loved” John I would have given it a higher rating except that I had thought from the description of the book that This is sschonfield scholarly look at the life and death of the man who came to be known as Christ. This life of Jesus by H. So, to be taken for a messianic agitator among Jews, Paul would have had to be preaching his messiah in the synagogues.

Jan 02, Mark rated it it was ok. Mom and Dad had this book, so I guess it was recommended to them by somebody like Pastor Crist.


Thom rated it it was ok Dec 13, Provide feedback about this page.

In the wake of resurgent interest in religious history spurred by Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ and Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Codethis 40th anniversary edition of The Passover Plot is set to engage a completely new generation of readers searching for truth.

Contrary to the impression given by the title, the book is surprisingly benign and interesting to read. Apr 05, Krista the Krazy Kataloguer rated it really liked it Shelves: The fact that later Christians started seeing Jesus as divine has caused immense confusion because it totally contradicts the Jewish tradition of the messiah which was Jesus’ context. In his opinion, a lot of what we associate with the Christian faith was actually developed by Paul and the other early church fathers.

The central premise of ” The Passover Plot ” was that Jesus had meticulously planned and engineered his own death and resurrection. Schonfield’s international multimillioncopy bestseller is set to rock the establishment view of the life of Jesus all over again.

A revised version appeared in titled The Original New Testament. It all would have worked perfectly except that he was pierced on the cross by one of the soldiers. But these books schonfielr left no trace on Schonfield’s. There is probably no other figure in modern Jewish historical research who is more controversial or famous than Hugh J.