Read Brad’s study here: The mechanisms of muscle hypertrophy and their application to resistance training. And read Brad’s full research PDF here. Don’t Fall for These Ectomorph Myths – Fitness, hypertrophy, hard gainer, Ectomorphs were thought of as fragile and breakable, so infrequent training was . “I’m very proud to let you know that your ectomorph program did work with me! I should have read your articles and spend more time on internet before doing.

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Men notice how much other men lift, but women don’t give a rat’s ass. Here’s how to properly get your big weights in place. He does personal training along with writing to help those who need it.

In order to tackle the heavy weights, the ectomorph must rest longer than normal between sets. Low Rep Ab Day. Staying lean is difficult.

What Is The Best Workout For An Ectomorph?

Approximately 80g 1 cup of oats is just over calories, 15g protein, 5g fat, 50g complex carbs – ZERO sugar! When it comes to training for the ectomorph, he has to train just enough to stimulate growth. In addition, the shorter time that you’re in the gym will require you to absolutely get after it on every single rep.

Although programs such as 10×10 and 5×5 work great for the other body types, the ectomorph responds better to a pyramid of reps instead of a constant rep scheme. An ectomorph’s workout should generally involve overall less training sessions and volume. Remember, you already have ectoomrph ridiculously fast metabolism; therefore your goal is not to burn a motherload of calories in the gym.

Grow, Ectomorph, Grow | T Nation

Ectomorphs are characterized by the following qualities: Stimulate the muscles with just as many sets, reps, and exercises as needed and then get the hell out.


Long arms mean a greater distance the bar has to travel, which means that strength gains hypegtrophy come slowly on the bench. The second thing is because of this “kitchen sink” approach, the workouts become too long and to compensate you fracture the workouts and follow a split routine.

What makes me suited for this job?

This immediately eliminated a trainjng of the shoulder instability I was having at the bottom of the bench press as the floor press removes those last few degrees the glenohumeral joint has to go through, allowing you to use more weight and get more reps.

An ectomorph cannot handle high volume workouts, so his volume should be spread across the week.

Yet time and time again, this is the 1 limiting factor among trainees. Instead, take a few months and do some military pin presses. The first exercise for each muscle group will traibing a pyramid rep scheme.

Remember what I said about high frequency training for newbies? These healthed-up cookies will satisfy your cravings without expanding trainijg waistline. Junk food can be a useful tool to the ectomorphic bodybuilder trying to put on size without worrying about body fat levels too much.

I recommend whole grain products, eggs, fruit and milk. So ectomoprh Frank and Flex show that being an ectomorph isn’t exactly a physique death sentence, problems can occur when determined ectomorphs try to adopt the same training and nutritional approaches as the more gifted mesomorphs.

My chest growth was very stubborn for a long time, but after substituting the floor press for my primary horizontal push, I’m seeing a solid growth-spurt. I want to have the longest dead hang time possible. Hopping onto the right training program is only half the battle for the eternal ectomorph. Although it’s another obstacle, an ectomorph can achieve their dream physique with hard work and dedication.

Hypertrophy Training for the Ectomorph

This quick drill does it all: Traininng all articles by this author. I am going to recommend the minimum amount of cardio required for general cardiovascular health. Muscle grows at rest and not during the actual training session, so practice that.


I’ve outlined a four-week mesocycle on a three-per-week training frequency that will maximize an ectomorph’s specific needs.

I prefer the conventional deadlift, but feel free to mix it up with some sumo and snatch-grip variations. You end up training each body part only once or twice a week. The eftomorph is still a newbie.

It’s been around for 60 years and is by far the most popular program in gyms all over the world. I won’t be mistaken for Flex or Frank any time soon, but I’ll be darned if I don’t maximize my own potential. If you’re an ectomorph, there are different rules for you.

The ectomorph looking to maintain cardiovascular fitness for general health and longevity should only do cardio at a moderate pace for 30 minutes three times per week. With an ectomorph already burning calories at such a fast pace, burning even more with cardio is not an efficient way to ectomroph on any substantial mass. Just think about it, if you eat a triple cheeseburger from Wendy’s you are getting around 50g of protein, but you are also getting a whopping amount of calories that will go along with that, that you will not get from eating your standard chicken and rice meal.

If so, here’s the workout hypertrphy you need. I now know what I want to put all of my training toward: If it means a trip to a fast food joint, do it. That is not to say an ecto cannot take part in bodybuilding. The reason is two-fold:. Program Design And The Program.