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As a result ifcc enforcing our patents, we could be subject to significant legal fees and costs, including the costs and fees of opposing counsel in certain idcc if we are unsuccessful. If you have any questions about copyright issues, please report us to resolve them. To execute our strategy, we intend to: Potential patent and litigation reform legislation and USPTO and international patent rule changes may affect our investments in research and development and our strategies for patent prosecution, licensing and enforcement and could have a material adverse effect on our licensing business as well as our business as a whole.

Called Convida Wireless, the joint venture combines InterDigital’s advanced M2M research capabilities with Sony’s consumer electronics expertise. On December 12,Samsung moved to terminate iidcc investigation as to U. On March 7,InterDigital and Respondents filed opening post-hearing briefs. Market projections and data are forward-looking in nature.

On July 24,the ALJ granted the motion. Do not check idxc a smaller reporting company. On October 23,InterDigital filed its opening brief. The Commission determined not to review the remaining issues decided in the Initial Determination. Our growth is dependent upon the increased use of wireless communications services that utilize our technology.

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The party securing an arbitration award may seek to have that award converted into a judgment through an enforcement proceeding. InterDigital continues to assert seven U. However, the dividend policy and the payment and timing of future cash dividends under the ldcc are subject to the final determination each quarter by our Board of Directors that i odcc dividend will be made in compliance with laws applicable to the declaration and payment of cash dividends, including Section b of the Pennsylvania Business Corporation Law, and ii the policy remains in our best interests, which determination will be based on a number of factors, including our earnings, financial condition, capital resources and capital requirements, alternative uses of capital, restrictions imposed by any existing debt, economic conditions and other factors considered relevant by the Board of Directors.


In addition, our new technology offerings may require robust ecosystems of customers and service provides that may fail to materialize.

These revenues were paid in U. Smart Access Manager enables operators and others to integrate Wi-Fi management seamlessly into their offerings. InterDigital opposed that request. The convertible note hedge transactions are expected to reduce the potential equity dilution upon conversion of the Notes. The patents in issue in kdcc investigation as of the hearing were the ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘ and ‘ patents, U. Our technology development activities may experience delays, or the markets for our technology solutions may iidcc to materialize to the extent or at the rate we expect, each of which could reduce our opportunities for technology sales and licensing.

In addition, any acquired company or business would be subject to its own risks that may or may not be the same as the risks already disclosed 102. Highly efficient schemes for controlling the transmission output power of terminal and base station devices, a vital feature in dicc CDMA system.

To the extent that multiple parties all seek royalties on the same product, the manufacturers could claim to have difficulty in meeting the financial requirements of each patent holder.

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As a result, we must approach companies that are reluctant to take licenses and attempt 170 establish license agreements with them. On December 5,the ALJ overseeing the proceeding granted this motion and, on December 21,the Commission determined not to review the ALJ’s determination, thus adding the LG entities as TA Respondents and including allegations of infringement of the additional patent.

By initial determination dated June 13,the ALJ granted the motion as to the addition of MMO as a respondent in the investigation but denied the motion as it related to termination of the investigation as to Nokia Corp.

As a result of any such litigation, we could lose our proprietary rights or incur substantial unexpected operating costs. Idcc idcc idcc idcc convention participation.

The wireless communications idcf has experienced consolidation of participants and sales of participants or their businesses, and these trends may continue.


Our ability to meet our payment and other obligations under the Notes depends on our ability to generate significant cash flow icc the future. Responsive briefs were filed on January 22,and InterDigital’s reply brief was filed on February 8, As part of kdcc business strategy, we are seeking to expand our revenue sources through the continued development, commercialization and licensing of technology projects.


Wireless communications standards are formal guidelines for engineers, designers, manufacturers and service providers that regulate and define the use of the radio frequency spectrum in conjunction with providing detailed specifications for wireless communications products. Additionally, royalties on sales of licensed products under the license agreement become payable or applied against prepayments based on the royalty formula applicable to the particular license agreement.

In addition, third parties could commence litigation against us seeking to invalidate our patents or obtain a determination that our patents are not infringed, are not essential, are invalid or are unenforceable.

We have contributed to many earlier efforts that are complete or in the idc phases of standardization such as handover among radio access technologies IEEE Certain of our operating and investing costs, such as foreign patent prosecution, are based in foreign currencies. The Initial Determination found that InterDigital’s patents were valid and enforceable, but that Nokia did not infringe these patents.

From time to time, these audits reveal underreporting or underpayments under the applicable agreements. On December 23,InterDigital and Huawei agreed to engage in an expedited binding arbitration to resolve their licensing disputes. Techniques including multi-channel and multi-code mechanisms. On October 11,the Delaware District Court granted the defendants’ motion to stay.

In addition, a number of other companies also claim to hold patents that are essential with respect to products for the cellular market. We believe that licenses under a number of our patents are required to manufacture and sell 2G, 3G and 4G products.

Respondents opposed the motion on January 2, Exact name of registrant as specified in its charter. Duringthe majority of our revenue was derived from a limited number of licensees based outside of the United States, primarily in Asia. The final evidentiary hearing is scheduled to take place July On Icdc 20,in an effort to streamline the evidentiary hearing and narrow the remaining issues, InterDigital voluntarily moved to withdraw certain claims from the investigation, including all of the asserted claims from U.

On September 22,the court denied the request of Nokia and MMO, 17022 to construe the term further.