The has files converted by IM (latest version, command line) that show the RGB source file converted to grayscale. The easiest way to convert images to grayscale (graylevel) is by using ” imagemagick” the image manipulation programs suite. Use the. No idea why but identify seems to always assume sRGB. Your image should actually be grayscale. If you use the -verbose option it will report.

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Seems to work, thank you! But, I cannot get it working with 6. And I’m sorta the type of guy that creates effects just because I can.

The printer needs a 4bit grayscale PNG file to print it correctly. Sign up using Facebook. Then delete the temp files and put the product alpha channel into the processed image.

Keep imagemagick from making grayscale images from tiffs – Software –

Example 1 Original Image. Of course I can use Photoshop rgayscale convert the image to grayscale but that’s too much work. In my experience, it is very easy to make mistakes or misunderstand what to do.

I have put a preset that does what you describe above here. As I implied in another thread, the only way around that is to compile your own custom commands.


Oh, and the texting, always the texting. And since Photoshop takes a few seconds to start and I have to do the work manually, ImageMagick makes everything so much easier. Home Graysccale Tags Users Unanswered.

Convert an Image to Grayscale with ImageMagick

This imagemagick command works most of the time: This one worked great ; Thanks again. Select all convert color-swap. We create the pointer to pImage, but when the method is finished there is a crash. You can grayscals this by running a command: Well, a trailing mouse cursor script is sorta like that.

An Imagemagick developer will need to respond to that and to the crash issue on newer versions of IM. I guess you probably get to experience some of that first hand as your own website grows in size and sophistication.

png – Convert 8bit sRGB to 4bit grayscale with ImageMagick – Graphic Design Stack Exchange

Arguments -f c -c ohta same as equal weight average. What I still need to do though is change the remaining grayscale portion to another color e.

By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Thanks ElleI updated my post to not mislead future readers. I am wondering imagemagikc the implementation of Magick:: Just converted another image: By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie IimagemagickPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.


Use -color-matrix to mix channels into grayscale This is equivalent to the following IM commands. Also, sGray is a perceptual gray that tries to maintain the overall brightness of the color image. Blockquote Afterwards, the verbose information for the output file lists the colorspace as RGB. Then do your processing. Email Required, but never shown. Usage, whether stated or not in the script, is restricted to the above licensing arrangements.


Or do I need to add some other option to tell ImageMagick that the images are already in a linear gamma color space? The weighted channels can be combined by simple addition or by root mean squared combination. Here’s an example of one of these images.

No idea why imagemaigck identify seems to always assume sRGB. I tried magick source. Note that recluma is the current -colorspace gray, while recluma is the older -colorspace gray before about IM 6.