Cyprian Ekwensi’s Jagua Nana is a tale of life in Lagos in the early s. It is about a woman caught between true love and the need to fend for herself by any . Cyprian Ekwensi, Jagua Nana. (New York: Fawcett Premier Book, ), Pages. A Book Review By Ozodi Osuji Yesterday, July 26, Jagua Nana: Cyprian Ekwensi: Jagua Nana (), Ekwensi’s most successful novel, has as its protagonist Jagua, a charming, colourful, and impressive.

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Sandra Planas rated it it was amazing Nov 11, Become a Friend of the Library. I liked the story and writing very much. Ekwenso the novel goes on, Ekwensi paints a lasting image of a strong, intelligent, and flawed woman which remains with the reader long after finishing the last chapter.

No effort had been made to preserve all the titles, and no adequate bibliography exists. Guess what I saw? In the pursuit of love, the Onitsha heroine was most resourceful. I enjoyed each of them, and appreciate nanw very different styles and atmospheres.

Jagua Nana – Wikipedia

This sure wasn’t Chinua Achebe. Also like many of jagu characters, Ekwensi tried his hand at several professions. Plus, you will love Hanus. Sunday, 29 July It seems that you just discovered Karl Marx.

This lack of artifice accentuates the artificiality of Lagos, and the disharmony of those who live the high life there. He made a good literary choice in deciding to portray this struggle from the naana of a woman driven by short term and self-interested goals, who is largely immune to the issues the men are in conflict over.


At first he resisted because of the twenty year difference in their age.

It decides all matters of life and love among Jagua and her friends. Poor Freddie has not taken proper measure of his opponents.

Jagua Nana

Ekwensi became ever more proficient at refining his pulp fiction. Like the servant girl in Victorian literature, or the cowboy in American movies, the Onitsha heroine became a symbol of her age and society. We’ll get back to you shortly. Often condemned as a harlot, she must have been secretly admired by writers who wrote obsessively of her adventures, and by readers who spent precious shillings to buy the works.

She dissolved her support for his plans to study in England.

That does not work so she is back to Lagos, fencing for a group of thieves, before taking up with a politician and showing herself particularly adept at politics, especially as the opposing candidate is Freddie, now back in Lagos and married to Nancy. There is an uproar over this assassination and Ekwrnsi Taiwo loses the election.

But cuprian comes to Jagua when she resumes the natural rhythm of Cyprkan life. It doesn’t feel forced until the very end, when the similarity of what is decided makes sense, but the prose about it is a bit much. Freddie tried to get his passport reissued but as is the case with such things in Nigeria was given the run around.

By the time of the novel, most local rule had in fact devolved into Nigerian hands with the promise of complete independence in the offing. It is urban, erotic, picaresque, written in a popular idiom, and devoted to the dilemmas of romantic love, a subject javua university-educated Nigerian writers avoided, at least at that time.

In order to keep him, Jagua subsidies his studies in England and, with her connections, manages to get the necessary official documentation. In her own return to Ogabu, the fictional Jagua precedes by a decade the mass exodus of her fellow Igbos from Lagos bt the start of the Biafra War. The first part is very amusing, the ekeensi not very focused. Jagua Nana is the composite perfection of pop culture fantasies: Lists with This Book.


However, taking a cue from his promiscuous mistress, Freddie proves unfaithful, leaving Jagua to descend ever deeper into the moral swamps of Lagos society.

He also practiced journalism, for which he had a certain flair, and began writing fiction. Jan 01, Adam Fleming rated it liked it. Changing the ethnic composition of the city, migrants from all over Nigeria—mostly Igbo, but also people from smaller tribes—flooded into Lagos naan quest of those jobs. Her restless spirit began to yarn for life elsewhere, life on the fast lane.

How many Nigerian lives are being lost and isn’t quackery taking its ugly toll? Sadly perhaps she loses the child; but at least by a stroke of great fortune, she finds out that she has a fantastic unexpected horde of money, and of course she has no qualms helping herself to it. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Because he is such a fine writer I have to write this review and encourage folks to go out and buy his books and read them.