Get the exact PROPOSAL TEMPLATE that I used to win clients like AT&T, Legal Zoom and Hitachi #proposal #marketing. Digital Agency Advisor. Download Slides – Text “proposal” 15 MINUTES. WAS BUILDING A MASTER TEMPLATE. Do You Want to See the EXACT MARKETING PROPOSAL TEMPLATE that Won Clients Happy holidays from and our entire agency tribe.

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Would You Like To Get Access To A Proven Agency Framework For Growing Your Agency?

We have three videos to show them. Yeah I love it. I do webinars all the time, I have a bunch of programs and I put out podcasts every week and video shows and all that just to provide value to you guys. If we had a number of different sections that we were doing for people, we would send certain sections to them ahead of time. So their end goal maybe different or maybe the way they interact with that campaign is a little different.

You mentioned adding in images, though. Step 8 is never send the proposal to a client, not until you walk them through it. Help a marketer out? I Just want the person to buy but really need to keep in mind, you know, the goal of each thing, the goal of the subject line is to get them to open the email.

And is there a specific phrase that you have? Now, you have to have a lot of text on your proposal because this is going to protect you later on, but anywhere that you can add an image to break that up adds extra value to it. So I work with agency owners and other killer marketer people and help them really get to the next level from you know, increasing their cashflow, helping them out with leads, converting more and I love it.

Rich Brooks is on Twitter surprise, surprise. Well this has been awesome Jason. Is there anything about this that we missed that you think people need to know to implement this. As a result, you will be able to eliminate the same mistakes your competitors are making and increase your closing percentage.


So let me kind of dive deeper so you guys can actually go do this. I set you up perfectly. And then step 4 is where you get into listing your services and your deliverables. So what I started doing is I came up with different campaigns that all intertwined and bolt on together versus treating everybody the same.

Subscribe today to receive weekly updates on new releases, upgrades, templates, split testing tips, and more. This is really exciting for me. Have prospective clients told you that your proposals were difficult to understand, or too lengthy to navigate through? And then they had to separate it.

So maybe the first milestone is then just to reply or indicate interest that they wanted to chat with you. Maybe they want to attend a webinar and so on. They get so many emails as it is. There was just so much information and so much to read through, I really struggled with it. Hey Jason, welcome to ConversionCast.

And then the last thing is bolt on all your campaigns together. If you go to jasonswenk. Can I get your commitment that we can meet face to face or on Skype or online or over the phone and go over this?

How to Write Proposals That Land Business – Jason Swenk

So you can try to do in a reengagement campaign to them at that particular point where they left off. So can you give me one example of an image that you might use to kind of enhance this proposal? And this is different than jasn cover letter, too, correct?

I ran an agency for 12 years, but after I sold my agency I was kinda lost. And then step 3, this is one of the most important steps and most people leave this off or get this jqson. Is it all based on actions they take in InfusionSoft or wherever you know automation software people are using? So people that create websites and social media campaigns.


And it puts a sense of urgency on them. The first table is the one time charges.

The Proposal Strategy Got Jason Swenk Top Corporate Clients

So once you get past milestone 1, now the whole goal is to get in milestone 2. So I use them te,plate then I use plus this to indicate how long people watch my videos. Only 9 out of agencies that I did studies on actually do a cover letter. I always treated a proposal like a phone number, you have to get the digits in the right order.

How to Write an Irresistible Business Proposal – Jason Swenk

So we were a full service agency, we had tons of people, so we could be the full service. So I wanted to build campaigns that I could bolt on together and give everybody a custom experience that allowed them to get to the end goal of what they wanted.

One of the keys that we did here is we would categorize them. But what I started realizing is people wanted different things and they are going to interact with me differently. So I know that a lot of people that listen to this show are either running their own agency or are independent contractors doing some consultant work, so proposals are just part of your day tdmplate day business.

To See The Transcript: Well what we want to do is create an engagement series or an engagement sequence where we sent three different emails to them to get them engaged to watch video 1. So it goes into step 8. The goal of the email is to get them to click on the link. Swwenk 5 is going to your project summary page.