1. JAWS Keystrokes Checklist. Action (What). Shortcut (How). Learning Knows. Open JAWS menu / Quit JAWS. JAWS+J / JAWS+F4 JAWS key default is INSERT . List Links: JAWS+F7 Prior rather than Next: SHIFT with the below keystrokes. Next Visited Link: V Next Unvisited Link: U Next Heading: H List Headings: JAWS +. JAWS Keyboard Commands / Shortcuts in any control in a dialog box for context sensitive help on the type of control and keystrokes that work in that control.

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If you choose the setting for no typing echo, JAWS won’t begin to speak until you use the arrow keys to read the line of text where your cursor is located. There are three levels of verbosity for this option: Starting at the top left, the keys are Insert, Home and Page Up. There are two levels of verbosity for this setting. Press the Alt key again and right-arrow to Set Options. F2 Find a File or Folder from the Desktop: Delete Delete Prior Character: When this setting is turned on, JAWS will use the speech synthesizer; if you have a Braille display, you can follow along as the text is being read aloud.

JAWS Keystrokes Quick Reference When Using JAWS

There are four levels of verbosity for this setting. In the JAWS Configuration Manager, the Voice Aliases option allows you to choose different voices for certain instances of text, such as bold or quoted text; you can also use the “Web Rentacrowd” option, and JAWS will use different voices to denote links. Each time you press the spacebar, you will hear JAWS say, “all, most, some, or one. Right Arrow Say Prior Character: Search this Guide Search.


Here is a list of all the verbosity settings, along with brief descriptions: To choose one of these aliases:. Options, Utilities, Language, Help. Up Arrow Say All: If you choose Highlighted, only highlighted text changes on kwystrokes computer screen will be spoken.

Press Spacebar to toggle between the choices.

If you choose By Paragraph, JAWS will pause momentarily at the end of the paragraph that has just been read before proceeding to the next paragraph. If you choose not to have any screen echo, JAWS will not speak any text changes on your screen that might occur. Use your Up- or Down-arrow keys to increase or decrease the rate of haws.

Press Enter and then the letter e. There are four cursors in JAWS: On the laptop computers that are loaned out to students, usually Dell, the Insert key is the third key from the right on the top row of keys. You may hear something like, “All keystrokex voice: Delete Delete and Bypass the Recycle Bin: You can choose whether to have the progress bar announcement on or off. To choose one of these aliases: To go to HJ-Pad to practice labeling a graphic: Choose where you want to save it, and then press Enter to activate your label.

Adaptive Technology Center (ATC): Guide to Using JAWS® for Windows®

Basics, dot, dot, dot. Please see the paragraph about the virtual PC cursor below. If you choose the Individual Voice Adjustment option, you can change the pitch of the voice you are currently using to read this document. The Virtual PC cursor is only visible when using the internet. This setting, which you can turn on or off, will announce indentation according to the rules you set in the Speech and Sounds Manager. The Num Pad Minus key is located on the upper right corner of the numeric keypad.


JAWS says “dot, dot, dot” instead of ellipses.

JAWS Shortcut Keys

Press Enter to save your changes and exit, or Escape to cancel the changes. Use your down-arrow key to navigate through the list of settings you can alter.

Find the graphic you want to label. If you choose By Lines with Pauses, JAWS keystrokrs pause for a moment at the end of the line of text it has just finished reading before moving to the next line. Browse through the twenty different options and listen carefully to the descriptions. Down Arrow Say Prior Line: Home Move to the Last Item: Press Enter to save your settings or Escape to cancel.

There are two options in this menu: The beginner level provides the most amount of spoken, detailed information, while intermediate and advanced provides less detail. Global Adjustment and Individual Voices Adjustment.