The G-Series is more of a budget line effort from JBL (for those that couldn’t afford the SR series). I had, at one time, The G subs (loaded. No Cracks, very clean. Ready to use $ or Best Offer for the pair. Can be delivered in a 50 miles of Huntington Beach. Brand New Genuine JBL MR, g, G Corner. These are the 90° corners. They work for many different models but you might want to replace the entire.

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Thanks again for any info! Is there a “smilie” for blowing smoke?

Hence the “G” prefix. Not quite sure what I would use to power these. I think its common knowledge that a SS amp pushed into clipping can blow speakers pretty easily, or am I missing something One inch titanium but jjbl the buttery smooth response of the stuff in the SR series. Nuetrik would be nice, but you can’t have everything.

I’ve owned both and each style has it’s own unique sound. Previous 1 2 Next. There was a pair just like these for sale in Austin but the dude was asking bucks for them. Funny thing is, I’m in Avoca, NY on business at the moment.

JBL G speakers, any good? You may want to consider avoiding the JBL pro series for consumer applications.

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The speakers look to be orginal, which is not surprising since the guy who owned them hardly used them. Originally posted by Audiopile As I remember, the cone drivers have some pretty crude looking baskets they look like a fine grade of road gravel was used for a sand casting I’ve heard that the Cabaret series rocks as does the SR series. Jb This Page Tweet. Right now I am just going to use them for practice, so I think for that they should be fine.


JBL G-734 speakers, any good?

I think I’m going to pass on these speakers for now. I can get the speakers for very cheap, but I am on vacation in California and so shipping them back to Michigan is going to be a chore.

They sounded okay for DJ work. Thanks for the input Fred and hatrack If you hear scraping, they are toast. If you don’t like them, you can sell the parts. Before the Devil Knows you’re Dead! Originally posted by Audiopile I vaguely remember re-working a pair of these about 10 years ago. I thought they were kind of listed as multi-purpose models.

I used to own a pair of L80Ts back in the day and they sounded sweet. Originally posted by Audiopile No I hope he still has them for you thats a decent deal.

2 JBL G Speakers | #

You’re going to enjoy those horns for sure. Ya he is holding them for me. The HF horns were blown in the ones I reworked and either replacement diaphragms were seemingly stupid expensive for what they were or made out of unobtainium.

Originally posted by Audiopile I’ve heard this before, but have never understood it? I believe the cabinets were plywood. Has anyone ever heard this model of speaker before? I’m leaning more towards PA sound these days bjl.


JBL G Full Range Speakers (( PAIR )) | #

I haven’t opened them up to see if the drivers are originals. Originally posted by agedhorse Yes, they were used at one point in some lesser models, had smaller voice coils, wider tolerances and not quite as clean sounding.

Kbl you already have an account? It seems like the model number was crudely stenciled on looks like a potato stamp in black ink. Sounds like they are bloated on the specs per usual. View the Media Kit. They sounded “ok” for what they were from what I remember.

These were the more cost effective, less performance oriented JBL nameplated line under the SR series. The older Cabaret Line made a big mark in PA gear and these were jhl effort to ride on the coat tales of that success.

I would expect a good 30 watts would work well with those speakers. I prefer that more in your face “slam” sound that PA monitors produce. The time now is I popped off the back jack plates and checked the speaker, I couldn’t see the numbers on the magnet easily.