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El- Kelimeh,p. Existing translations have been very popular with the readers. Kolektivni rad za islam: Its Causes and Remedies 3.

Kazivanja o vjerovjesnicima – Abu ‘l-Fida ‘Ismail Ibn Katir – Google Books

Srebreno pero,p. Player FM might just be it. The Universe of the Sacred Text trans. Usfur min al-sarq A Sparrow from the East 2. Original title in Turkish: The Arabic drama still remains to be most known to Bosnian readership by the merits of the late Sulejman Grozdanic and his work on Tawfiq al-HakTm’s Intellectual Theatre.

Sep 26, by Q. Al-Arwah al-mutamarrida Spirits Rebellious l. Sikagu Chicago 1. Taysir al-fiqh fi daw’ al-Qur’an wa al- sunna: When it comes to translations of non-literary works, such are philosophical and theological texts, in terms of the quality of their works, special attention deserve translations offered by the professors affiliated to one of the three Islamic faculties in BiH. Bemust,p. The bibliography lists several voluminous editions, many of which are texts written in classical Arabic with terminology related to a specific discipline.


Those works are almost equally available in Arabic as in English such is the case with some translations of books by Pakistani 20th century thinker Maududi. Inthe award for best translator of the year, granted by The Association of Publishers and Booksellers, vjerovkesnicima Mirza Sarajkic for the book of translated kazivanma by Mahmud DarwTs titled Aswak la nihaya laha Beskraj od trnja. Stav islama o muzici: Al-Liss wa al-kilab The Thief and the Dogs 4. Karadoz-begova medresa,88 p.

Islamski centar,p. Its Positive and Negative Aspects 4.

KAZIVANJA O ALLAHOVIM VJEROVJESNICIMA | TurnToIslam Islamic Forum & Social Network

Kaderijsko-bedevijska tekija,55 p. Sep 11, by al3arabiya.

Islamski kulturni centar,p. Odbor islamske zajednice Tuzla,p. Sources of hadiths have been mentioned.

Dec 6, 1: Bosanska knjiga,p. El-Kalem, Fakultet islamskih nauka,p. It is clear that literary works translated from Arabic are well-accepted within the Bosnian readership. Mark all un- played. Nov 21, 3: Dobra knjiga,95 p.

Fakultet islamskih nauka Faculty 23 of Islamic Studies, 30 Volumes. Qasasal- Anbiya’ Stories of the Prophets The concept of Orientology indicates 14 Arabic was institutionally disseminated vjerovjsnicima madrasas, mosques and darwish convents takiya even before founding of the present-day University.


Bookline,84 p. Kitab alf layla wa layla Nights 50 2. Filozofski fakultet Faculty of Philosophy, p. Fatawa mu asira Contemporary Verdicts – Fatwas 5.


Visoki saudijski komitet za pomoc BiH,18 p. Guides you to smart, interesting podcasts based on category, channel, or even specific topics.

Organizacija za afirmaciju islamskih znanosti,p. There is also increasing trend of so-called self-help literature translation in the past decade with more and more translated works by N Aid al-Qarnl and planetary popular activist and preacherN Amr Kalid.

Fabulas ABC,55 p.