Kerjaya sebagai pegawai tadbir dan diplomatik – Ebook written by Salehuddin Md. Dahlan. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android. Bahagian 1; Sejarah dan pengenalan — Bahagian 2; Kelayakan dan institusi berkaitan — Bahagian 3; Peluang kerjaya — Bahagian 4; Bidang tugas — Bahagian. Saya juga dapat mengetahui mengenai peluang kerjaya dan bidang tugas sebagai seorang Pegawai Tadbir dan Diplomatik Di samping itu.

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To get this, u’ll nid to save up diplomatkk total leaves to days cannot cuti ya during years in service: P Up to u la, u can go for interview, if u get d offer, baru analyse which type of category do u fall into, pastu baru decide, to take up d offer onot?

Izma Normaizatul added it Jul 10, All diplomats work for and answerable to the Head of Mission kerjaja are the officers from the Foreign Ministry. Bestine, the capital of Tatooine.

Kerjaya sebagai pegawai tadbir dan diplomatik

Land where cultural lag mistaken for renaissance. PTD memang cepat naik compare to engineer Doctor and Lawyer scheme in gomen is more gooding: This post has been edited by hitsugayat Esei sy bleh jawab je Amnabiha rated it really liked it Mar 23, Zulkhairi yang sudi menjawab soalan saya dan juga memberi galakan serta bimbingan dalam menjadi seorang Pegawai Tadbir Diplomatik yang berkaliber.


May 12 This post has been edited by typicalsite: This book is not yet featured on Listopia. P What do u think of d civil service?

I got interviewed gred T3 Tukangwhat kind of question ask. I hope the answer has enlighten your doubts and I encourage you to apply for PTD post if you keen to serve the country!!! Syitah added it Jan 28, Amirul Asyraf marked it as to-read Mar 19, San that all the postings are located on different pages of this blog, I have taken the initiative to consolidate them in one page for ease of searching and reference.

May allah granted barakah to you and family. Somewhere indiorg mcm ada introduce psychology test to check if u r suitable to work as a PTD or not.

I wish you all the best!

Holdings: Kerjaya sebagai pegawai tadbir dan diplomatik

Firdaus rated it liked it Mar 26, You Walk The Talk First. Too many already lah Anyway,just puji ekrjaya in ur essay,impress them in english essay cos not many r fluent. Ko betul2 nak gi interview job offer ni ke anif? The ‘bater Debater Group: As for now, I dunno what’s happening already since I’ve been thru all those: P owh, boleh bawak calculator eh, ok i will bring it then.


baru dpt offer interview pegawai tadbir

Magdelina Chang added it Nov 05, Selain itusaya juga dpt mengetahui info mengenai kelayakan dan institusi berkaitan. Baca buku Malaysia Kita I passed the first exam and second stage but unable to attend the interview. OO, ok swbagai buku ape yg patut aku baca. My advise for you is to furnish the required information ASAP. This post has been edited by mutt: Show posts by this member only Dippomatik 6.

P Jawab soalan yg satu lagi, there’s no such thing as sign surat sokong kerajaan, kerajaan means whichever parti yg menang pilihanraya, in short, we work for the people, bosses ministers n deputies r just politicians yg menang pilihanraya sahaja.

The hardest is the assessment.