1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. Page 1. 14 r. 1. 11 r. 12 13 r. Boombox. Page 2. 1. 3. 1. 1. 3 r. Buoy x8 x8. 1. 4 r. 4. 1. 3 r. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. Snack Shack page Water Skier page Trident page Treasure. Chest page Stingray page Shovel page Whale page Surfer. Instructions. Visit this section if you are looking for building instructions from a specific K’NEX building set. Learn More. Categories. Products · Fun & Games.

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Where are K’NEX parts made?

Get K’Nex Instructions Online or Download

The teacher does not have to be actively involved in the individual lessons. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

The cards provide the background information about the concept, written to the student, as well as directions for investigation and experimentation with the models they build. K’NEX has introduced so many new parts since the original 22 connectors, rods, wheels and pulleys that if you tried to hold them all in your hands they would overflow! Examples of this are: Other sets have curriculum that presents the concepts and activities directly to the students in the form of Activity Cards.

What materials are K’NEX made from? They’re what give the knx the final shape and look needed to create reality with the structure. Hello, We have some boxes but we cannot find PDF instructions for: You are welcome to share pictures of your builds or models with other K’NEX fans on our Facebook page. You can find this 5 digit code on the front panel of your box in one of the corners or in the middle of the UPC bar code, for example: Do K’NEX bricks work with other sets?

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If you can imagine it, you can build insruction.

Instruction books

They are divided into manageable segments with easy breaking points. Clean up and organization are essential, so you need to leave at least five minutes for putting the pieces away and processing what was learned.

Organize the class into five groups. Pick and choose the segments of the lesson you wish to present or do the whole lesson for a comprehensive discussion of the topic. There are 48 models listed with a downloadable PDF file for the instructions I did not know there were as many as that! We offer numerous opportunities for students to investigate the topics by including multiple models that demonstrate the same concept.

Click on the instructions you’d like to download. When all groups have completed the rotation, have students present their investigations and findings to the class. We have a brochure with 72 pages but the front cover is missing. Visit our Model Instructions page and enter the model number for your set in the provided field.

I lost a part.

Currently we do not offer public tours of our factory. How do the designers come up with their ideas? All businesses must keep close track of their inventory and components to ensure that they have the materials they need to make their products, fill orders ijstruction their customers and deter theft.

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Look for special transition parts that enable instrucion to combine bricks, rods and connectors in your creations. Can K’NEX pieces be knstruction This set provides materials to build four identical vehicles simultaneously. Most Teacher Guides offer suggested duration periods for the entire lesson based, for the most part, on minute periods. This will help them understand the concept as a whole, not just how it applies to one particular example.

K’NEX Education Sets are available through a variety of educational catalogers and home school distributors.

This also serves as a performance-based assessment tool. K’NEX parts are made to last a lifetime of normal use. They provide feedback to the teacher for assessment in the form of written assignments such as journals and oral presentations. Does anyone recognise which set this is?

Then the groups can share what they learned with the class to establish how this idea applies to a variety of different things in the real world. Beyond the lessons that are included in the various sets, there are extensive opportunities for the teacher to design creative activities that motivate and challenge students in many settings.