Le matin vers 9 heures le four solaire est enclenché. Le mélange de vapeur cuit la plus grande partie des repas de la cuisine solaire. The Solar Kitchen (La Cuisine Solaire) in Auroville, TamilNadu, India is specially designed for using solar thermal energy for cooking meals. The kitchen. Solar kitchen. 1. SOLAR KITCHEN AUROVILLE Architecture by: Suhasini Ayer Type of building use: institutional building for visitors to Auroville.

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Le concentrateur solaire

Sante – Auroville Institute for Integral Health. Deepanam School for children of 7 to 14 years age.

The innovative decision to integrate a fixed spherical solar bowl concentrator with a 15 meter diameter into the building determined, to a large extent, the design and technology applications used within the building itself. A tilted fixed mast supports a moving receiver which can rotate in all directions around a double-axis articulation placed at the centre of the sphere and balanced by a counterweight. The interface is through a heat storage tank using thermic fluid storage 1.

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Lilaloka – Resource centre for the child. Snake bitewhat to do and what not to do. Explore Solar Kitchen and Prosperity Area. The Inner Chamber of the Matrimandir: Last School for children of 14 to 18 years.

La Cuisine Solaire | Auroville

Some insights into the Industry and commerce evolution in Auro Savitri Bhavan, a centre for spiritual education. Space frame – O The Mother on Matrimandir and Religions. The Inner Chamber of the Matrimandir: A Thousand — Pillared Chamber Aayirakkalmandapam. Frequently asked questions on education.

La Cuisine Solaire

Eateries — community dining halls, restaurants and cafes in Au Natural healing therapies at Quiet Healing Centre. Solar Bowl on the roof.

Contents [ show ]. Transition school for children of 6 – 14 years. Your First Steps into Auroville: The Scheffler Community Kitchen concentrator focuses the light to create steam, which is used in the kitchen for cooking. Associate of Auroville, how to apply Annex F.


Frequently asked questions on coming to Auroville. Inuksuk and the Canadian Pavilion Group. Inuksuk and the Canadian Pavilion Group. Throughout the year approximately lunches are prepared daily.

Pitchandikulam Forest Virtual Herbarium. Gymnasium and Andy and Solairf hous Retrieved from ” http: Towards a sustainable water resource management for the bio-re Dehashakti Sports and Physical Education Programme.

Le concentrateur solaire | Auroville

Pitchandikulam Forest and Bio-Resource Centre. Vision The Auroville Charter: Kindergarten for children of 2 to 6 years age. Frequently asked questions on education. Frequently asked questions on press and media. Piero and Gloria’s House