Elizabeth Kostova con la autora que empecé a investigar más de sus libros y descubrí La historiadora y después de leerlo quedé totalmente enamorada. Buy La Historiadora Translation by Elizabeth Kostova (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible. Buy La historiadora by ELIZABETH KOSTOVA (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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The actual climax of the novel as our heroes close in on Dracula and his daytime resting place seems rather rushed, ending just all abruptly as if Kostova had opted just to skip overt dramatics, which feels a bit of a cheat, though she does make up for this lack of action with a final pages reversal that is as unsettling as it is quiet.

Our narrator is a young girl in her teens traveling through Europe, following the letters of her father from his travels in the s, kostiva is following the letters of his mentor from his travels in the s.

YOu kept getting to the next chapter thinking I kept waiting for the story to take off and for something, anything, exciting to happen.

In an online interviewMs. The Historian goes with the belief that he is definitely a Vampire, and that he is kostovs alive. At times, you have to remind yourself that this is a book about vampires.


The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova

View all 13 comments. Most boring first 15 pages of any book I’ve ever read. All the action takes place in libraries, and consists of primary source research. This n This is my favorite book of ALL time from any genre!

Vlad is not averse to snacking on his bibliophilic staff either and this got me to thinking Koztova a beautifully and cleverly written work of …more For heavens sake, this isn’t really historical fiction! Have you lost interest? Instead they all talk the same, they all have the same reactions, the same motives, hook up randomly in the same way, etc.

Even with the impressive research, this story is Scooby Doo with no Scooby Snacks. The characters are props, not people. I eagerly bought my very own copy and returned home to crawl into bed and begin reading this tale of terror.

You will be able to recognize a deus ex fucking machina when you see it. Kostova writes, maybe a biography of one of the historical characters in this book because she has a wonderful ability to bring her characters to life.

The Historian

It was almost always missing diacritical markings, except for in place names. Kostova was initially inspired by her own childhood memories of her father, who was a professor, telling her stories about Dracula.

Welcome to a retelling of Dracula for the twenty-first century, only think much better and more interesting; less of the weak and pitiful women and demanding men; more history and research. I’d learned nothing from this book about Vlad that Wikipedia hadn’t already told me.


The voluminous research is a real turn-off. An encounter kowtova an evil and mysterious stranger makes him decide that it’s a research topic that he should drop. This novel is so well written and so riveting ksotova I can well turn a blind eye to its flaws and just let myself be jostova away again and again.

I did read some of the comments on Amazon. The book is about vampires. At the most “suspenseful” moments, I often found myself feeling kostoav amused at the author’s attempt to create tension.

I also rather enjoyed the sub-plot about the protagonist’s parents. This is my favorite book of ALL time from any genre! The thing about the books with the Drakulya print was really intriguing. The multi-narrative structure is ambitious and, of course, is a nod to Stoker’s classic novelbut Kostova doesn’t pull it off. This is actually the second time I’ve read this book.

La Historiadora

Tentatively, my hand crept towards the mouse. Also, it is over pages long. You will graduate from college.