All Stotras in Sanskrit by All Authors. Complete All of these stotras or prayers have been compiled into Sanskrit PDF format. Lakshmi Narayana Hrudayam. Lakshmi Narayana Hrudayam (comprises of both Lakshmi and Narayana Hrudayam). Lakshmi Narayana Hrudayam (comprises of both. Lakshmi Hrudaya Stotram In Sanskrit / Hindi: Source 1 Source 2: | PDF Link| Text Link stotram Narayana Hridayam to form a pair.

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I do not have any one except you to protect me, I do not have any other God except you, I do not know anything except you, Who looks after me and add to my blessings. Oh God who is not touched by birth, death,old age hrkdayam diseases, Which arise out of the bondage, my salutations to Narayana.

They also contain recondite vedantic truths which may be found in the upanishads, puranas, Bhagavad Gita etc. Why Shop at SapnaOnline. Thus one gets entangled in the cycle of repeated births and deaths. For these reasons they are considered very sacred and therefore secret – not to be easily given out.

Having desire is natural and allowed. Prakriti or maya named variouly as Parvati or Laxmi is the creative power of the Lord. At this point there may naraayana an argument.

Keeping the above facts in mind, the scriptures define the purpose of the goals in a very different manner. They have found the source of happiness.

Thus, we find these parts or components in these two stotras NH and LH. They are more elaborately described by Krishna in chapter 16 of Bhagavat Gita.

Sri Lakshmi Narayana Hrudayam

Vishnu priye Rathna garbhe Samastha phaladhe Shive, Swnskrit Garbha gatha hemaadheen sampradarsaya darsaya. You who are the permanent consort of the primeval Vishnu, Oh mother, come with your husband in front of me, Hruxayam by the blessing of your forms like Aadhi Lakshmi, Step by step let me find all the treasures. He indeed is the causeless cause of everything that are the products or effect. As soon as the stock of punyam is exhausted he will necessarily have to come down to this world and rejoin the cycle of birth and death.


Only liberation or mokSha is said to be the real goal since after attaining mokSha one escapes the agony of samsara. Jayathu jayathu lakshmir lakshanalankruthangi, Jayathu jayathu Padmaa padma sadmabhi vandhyaa, Jayathu jayathu Vidhyaa Vishnu vamanaga samstha, Jayathu jayathu samyak sarva sampathkara sri.

Thus, a human birth is a rarity in the first place and rarer still is the meeting with a saintly person. Hastha dwayena kamala dharayanthim swaleelaya, Hara noopura hrudayyam Maha lakshmim vichintheyeth.

Anantha nithya sukhinaa thad bhaktha sthwath paarayana, Ithi Veda pramanadhi devi thwam sranam vruje. Oh God who is in all things from a grass to Lord Brahma, Oh God who is in every being in this world, My salutations to you. This text is prepared by sanksrit and is to be used for personal study and research. Vasundhare Sri Vasudhe vasudhokthri krupa mayi, Thwath kukshi gatha sarwaswam seegram may sampradarsaya. Our shastras are aware of this problem and provide an attractive solution to the seemingly difficult problem.

Vande Lakshmim para siva mayeem Shuddha Jamboona dhaabhaam, Thejo ropaam kanaka vasanaam sarva bhooshojwalangeem, Bheejaapooraam kanaka kalasam hema padmam dhadhaanaam, Aadhyam shakthim sakala jananim sarva mangalya alkshmi.

Write a Testimonial Few good words, go a long way, thanks! Submit Review Submit Review. Rasa thala gathe Lakshmi Seegram agacha may pura, Na jane paramam roopam mathar may sampradarsaya. Generally the sage who narrates it says something about its glory in the beginning.

As one comes into contact with them and listen to their nectar like words, they strengthen the devotion. He who reads this Hrudaya lakhsmi the Aadhi Lakshmi and others, Would completely posses the grace of Rajya Lakshmi, And even though he is very poor, he would become rich, And Lakshmi will stay with him and his descendents permanently.

Gold has no form but the ornaments are many and have different forms and names. The root is sreem, the power is Hreem, Iym is the stopper And lakshm is being chanted to please Goddess Mahalakshmi. That thoughts which arise out of my mind, Oh God who is in my mind, Should be fulfilled always and always, Oh my lord. Ajnana thimiram hanthum shudha Jnana prakasika, Sarva iswarya pradha may asthu thwath kala mayi thishtathu.


This is suitable for meditation. It is spoken as attaining the lotus feet of the Lord in the puranas. You exist and shine in all sorts of wealth, You are there in everything that shines, Oh darling of Vishnu, as the goddess of words, Be present in my face and light it.

As long as Vedas are there, as long as Sun and moon are there, As long as Lord Sanskirt and you are there, please show mercy on me. Kalidasa, in his famous poem Raghuvamsam says that the kings of the dynasty of Raghu amassed wealth for giving away to the needy and worthy and not for enriching themselves.

With these gifts we can plan our future intelligently, set goals and do all that is needed to attain the goals. Sapthagiri Prakashana – Bangalroe Language: However we saw earlier that karmas produce results and lead to rebirth.

Vilekha nitile vidhir mama lipim visrujyantharam, Thwaya vilikhithavya methadhithi thath phala prapthye, Thadanthika phala sphutam kamala vasini Sririmaam, Samarpaya samudhrikaam sakala bhaghya samsoochikaam. He who prays Goddess Lakshmi, who wears yellow silk, Who holds two lotus flowers in her two hands, With the above chant would become a king.

Lakshmi Narayana Hrudayam Stotram In Sanskrit Pdf Free | eremar

Ksheerambudhi sthithe Lakshmi Samagacha samadhave, Thwath krupa drushti sudhaya sathatham maam vilokaya. The sage Naradha emphasises the importance when he told Shri Vyasa that recitng the hymns which enumerate the virtues of the Lord is the abiding purpose of doing austere penances, rituals, recitation of vedas etc. Uthishta Jagruhi mayee samuthishta sujagruhi, Akshayyan hema kalasan suvarnena supoorithaan.

Wherever Goddess Lakshmi is there on earth, she shines like gold, And let her be there and there itself and show her form to me. The kindly Lord arranges for him to come into contact with noble souls, like sadhus or saints. Oh Lakshmi who causes the luck to rise, who lives every where, Be pleased with me, Oh Mahalakshmi who fulfills all my wishes.