Learn about the causes of gingival enlargement and some of the benefits of LightScalpel CO2 laser gingivectomies. Laser gingivectomy for treatment of gingival hyperplasia. A, Presurgical view. B, Ten days after the laser procedure. The cause of the hyperplasia was lack of. One of these is gingivectomy and it is the main topic discussed in this article. It is a dental procedure that is done with a hard tissue laser or old gold standard.

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Group 2 with 25 subjects in which scalpel had been used to perform conventional gingivectomy.

Laser Gingivectomy | Belmont Periodontics

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In our research we used the Diode laser, Diode laser is highly absorbable by hemoglobin and melanin that allows easy manipulation of soft-tissue during gingival recontouring, and improved epithelization and healing of the wound. Do you want to continue logged in?

In Group 2, periodontal pack was placed after the surgery and was removed after one week. Diode Laser Versus Scalpel Gingivectomy. Find out what doctors are saying about LightScalpel. Regarding the post-operative pain, at the follow up visit the patients had been asked if they needed to use any pain killer. Scaling and polishing were done to all the participants prior to the surgery. YAG laser[2] Er: Bacterial growth in Group2 Click here to View figure. Less anesthesia is needed in laser gingivectomy.


See LightScalpel lasers in action.

YSGG laser[4] and CO 2 lasers[5] [6] can llaser this procedure, offering a precise, stable, bloodless, often less painful, and accelerated healing experience. Lasers in Dentistry—Current Concepts.

Click here to View figure. The mean of the plaque index in Group 1 was 1. YSGG gingivectomy and gingivoplasty just prior to crown preparation at the same appointment.

Laser gingivectomy

No osseous reduction was needed, as there was no biological width disruption. The subjects in Group 2 all lasfr some discomfort in speech and eating after the surgery and before the removal of the periodontal pack, while in Group 1 none of the patient experienced any discomfort. Rapid healing and reduced pain are commonly seen post operatively and patients rarely need periodontal packing or sutures. Sometimes overgrowth of the gum can be seen during orthodontic treatment with fixed braces.

Related Before and After Photos From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Your session is about to expire. The lawer “cold cutting” effect of erbium tissue interaction creates a remarkable post-operative course.


Using the t-test, there was a high significant difference between the means gingivectomh the plaque index and a significant difference in the means of the gingival index at the 2nd and the 3rd visits in Group 2, while there were no significant differences between the means of the plaque index as well as the gingival index in Group 1. In Coluzzi, D; Parker, S. Neoplastic enlargement benign or malignant tumor.

Views Read Edit View history. The better control of laser, less post-operative inflammation and pain and the improved healing in the surgical site all are the benefits of using laser in surgery. Textbooks in Contemporary Dentistry. Different methods can be used to perform gingivectomy; oaser the most common are scalpel and laser.

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