The microtype package provides a LATEX interface to the micro-typographic exten- sions that were introduced by pdfTEX and have since also. Here are some simple things you can do to make your LaTeX documents more attractive Use the microtype package for better typography. The microtype package enables micro-typographic extensions offered by some of the latex compilers. It offers character protrusion.

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Thanks to Nate Rosenblum for a pointer to the booktabs package.

Microtype – Thesis in LaTeX

Hello, thanks for the article! Use pdflatex The target of your document is either a printer or a file.

Sign up using Facebook. This is illustrated in the figure below where comma and “r” cross the right margin edge indicated by the red dashed line:. As mentionedTeX Gyre Heros font was employed to typeset headings in the document:. While the comma is clearly protruded in the figure above, this is not the case for lattex superscript “81”, which does not cross the margin while it should.

For the reader not experienced with typesetting the difference between two text blocks in the example above may appear quite small; however, this difference, among other things, can result in a positive impression after looking at the document, even if the reader will not realize why exactly your text looks nice.

The numbers given in curly brackets after comma, etc.


William C. Benton

The documentation includes several standard tables contrasted with the results possible with booktabs as well as a discussion of some of the rules for typesetting tables. Are you sure is microtype or the fact that xfrac loads the LaTeX3 packages? Microtype is one of the most notable packages I have ever used with LaTeX. The mixrotype of microtype activation can be better seen in the animated version of these two figures as well as in another animation with two blurred text fragments demonstrating the difference in “greyness” of text processed with and without microty;e.

The microtype package can give you a great deal more control over micro-typographic features; see its copious documentation for details. Here is the result:.

dvi – Microtype package is not supported dvips output – TeX – LaTeX Stack Exchange

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Moreover, we find that although the identification of the most decisive matches is independent of the model considered, the identification of other key matches is model dependent. Sign up using Email and Password.

All three figures above can be seen in their animated version. However, both the DVI viewer and dvips need to find actual fonts.

Therefore, expansion will only work if the fonts for different degrees of expansion are readily available. We also apply this methodology to identify the favorite teams and to predict the most decisive matches in Copa America before the start of the competition.

It font expansion, as Mico implied, which is changing the output. Email Required, but never shown.


microtype: List of files

I am using microtype package for good kerning text output. Should I load microtype with pdflatex?

At the bottom of the problem lies the fact that dvips does not know what to do about the virtual expanded font instances that pdftex embeds into the DVI file. Also the microtype documentation provides an interactive example of what each option does. The target of your document is either a printer or a file. If you need the same output, disable font expansion. So, it is still takes about 10 times longer to run. Sign up using Facebook. In the text fragment above I did not like positioning of the period which is asymmetrical relative to the neighbouring characters “1” and “3” and “tight” location of en-dash.

In the code above, numbers in curly brackets before comma are omitted, and therefore superscript protrusion through the left margin edge is not activated. For example, microtype should be avoided in the table of contents which is actually stated in the documentation of the package.

It does totally turn off microtype for that part of the document. Its the interaction between microtype and xfrac.