The Language of the Third Reich has ratings and 70 reviews. Hadrian said: I’ m assuming that most of us know about George Orwell’s Even if you h. Victor Klemperer () was Professor of French Literature at Dresden University. As a Jew, he was removed from his university post in. Appearing originally in as LTI: Lingua Tertii Imperii (Language of the Third Reich), Klemperer’s book demonstrates with frightening clarity the powerful role.

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I have observed again and again how the young people in all innocence, and despite a sincere effort to fill the gaps and eliminate the errors in their neglected education, cling to Nazi thought processes. An illuminating study of the language that characterized the Third Reich.

Project MUSE – The Language of the Third Reich: LTI, Lingua Tertii Imperii (review)

Taken together, all these Americanisms helped support the fanaticism Nazis craved and demanded of their followers. Lingua Tertii Imperii Language of the Third ReichKlemperer’s book demonstrates with frightening clarity the powerful role played libgua propaganda in shaping individual as well as group identity. It is as if the Third Reich were not only unprecedented but infallible, even holy. I think he would have been very intrigued by and Newspeak.

Lots to think about, but very readable. I am envious of these people’s freedom Curiously enough, he turned around and worked for the Soviet puppet state of East Germany.


A poison you inadvertently unthinkingly drink, that runs through your being.

I guess it’s important that it exists as all others but I really didn’t need to read about the same WWII stuff again. So they compliment each other, although they can and do stand on their own as well.

LTI – Lingua Tertii Imperii – Wikipedia

Those who fall under the spell of current right-wing, fascist ideas would rather believe than consider empirical or pragmatic arguments. Under the Third Reich, the official language of Nazism came to be used as a political tool.

Saved from imperoi certain arrest, he survived the Dresden bombing of February 13, Su defecto, si alguno tiene, es que es muy fragmentario, porque son terti diarios y pensamientos, apenas organizados, del autor. Without cookies your experience may not be seamless.

His marriage to Eva spared him from the early deportations.

Language of the Third Reich

The author undertakes a serious study of language in Nazi Germany, but that study is part and parcel of his own experience living as a Jew in Dresden, and he includes many lingus about his own experiences. It was his way of trying to deal with the situation he was in, utilising his linguistic talents for a far greater cause than his academic work would ever be able to do.

The prefix ‘Volk-‘ enters the LTI vocabulary – Volksfest, Volksgemeinschaft, Volksseele, the people’s festival, the people’s community, the people’s soul and even today we still have the people’s car. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Evident throughout the book, however, is another kind of continuity, one just as disturbing to Klemperer: The Nazis didn’t invent that many words, they simply used pre-existing ones and imposed new meanings on them.


You can unsubscribe from newsletters at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in any newsletter. This is a brilliant book.

The Language of the Third Reich: LTI–Lingua Tertii Imperii: A Philologist’s Notebook

Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus. Among his more interesting observations is how much of Nazi propaganda was based on Americanisms—an overuse of bombastic superlatives, consistent attributions of greatness and superiority, the constant use of the jargon of sports and competition, and ranking subjective, unquantifiable concepts.

At the same time, it is an affective portrait of the suffering and tragic moments experienced by the author under the regime. I can only imagine how horrifying the others must be. I’ll return with a review a little im;erii when the dust from Klemperers explosive material has settled.

By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. He calls it ‘Notebook of a philologist’. Our right wing is not the Nazi party I hate when the left or the right throw out this label.

I got it from Amazon.