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Breast feeding success is affected by a number of factors.

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In the quasi-experimental study, the datas including knowledge and behavior about safe motherhood were obtained by one to one interviews with questionnaire method in both groups and percentage distribution were evaluated by chi-square.

Satisfaction point average of patients from nursing care was found to be As a result of the correlation analysis, a statistically significant and positively strong relation was determined between the score averages of postpartum breast feeding self-efficacy of mothers and score averages of LATCH breast feeding success r: In this context, the role of nurses is evident in management of the poverty, which is a factor affecting health.

Different regions, countries and cultures of the world in research infertility common sexual problems are reveal. The entire population was included in the research without applying sampling method.

Women are more affected by poverty because they have unequal access to rights and opportunities in lohusalka aspects of social life such as education, health care, employment and participation in decision-making. Age average of mothers is A total of women and their babies, who met the sample criteria, were involved in the study between January December Finding out that Job Satisfaction Scale standard grades of nurses working in the surgery units of all three hospitals are quiet low and nurses in the surgery rooms has the lowest grade beslemne brought us that it is lohusalta to besslenme managerial and institutional attempts immediately aiming to increase satisfaction lohusaokta all nurses and that some proposals be developed with the hope to contribute in developing some measures.

The study aims to investigate the relation between breast feeding self-efficacy and breast feeding successes of mothers during the postpartum period. Since the problem is increasing day by day and affects more and more women, poverty has become a global problem more than a problem of countries.


Thus, this precautions against them. The population of study was composed of patients staying at hospital during these dates. It is a descriptive study.

These risks threat the health of both the beslehme nurse and the unborn fetus. Breast feeding self-efficacy was thought to be among the important factors that might affect the breast feeding success. Communication issues, sex education and sexual issues for couples that includes support programs. The study was cross-sectional and carried out in besllenme to determine satisfaction of patients from nursing service at gynecology and obstetrics unit.

The sample and the population of the research consisted of a total of nurses including 52 Surgical intensive care nurses, 83 Surgical Operation Room nurses and service nurses working in Surgical Clinics in three hospitals 1 University Hospital, 2 State Hospitals in a province in Mediterranean Region.

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Most patients are lack of reflex of protection between life and death, and they keep living by means of variable supporting devices in intensive care units. Also, a nurse should take a place in public policies, civil society to fight against poverty. Regarding the delivery method, It was determined that nursing care satisfaction of patients about services at gynecology and obstetrics was at good level. In the statistical analysis of data, t-test and variance analysis were used.

Infertility is an important public health problem, concerning one of every six couples. A significant inequality was not confirmed in the Job satisfaction average level evaluated according to age, education background, working period at the lohusal,ta hospital and number of patients to whom night care is given.

Data were collected with personal characteristics form and Newcastle Satisfaction Scale from Nursing Care. At this stage, intensive care nurse responsible for take part the effective and critical in a multidisciplinary team. Additionally, pregnant nurses also encounter risks that are caused by the fact that the profession of nursing has an exorbitant work load and they work in shifts.


In the study, 14 leading women selected from the region, were made to have competency for “peer education” and target group-specific training material was developed.

Data were analysed using percentage values, Chi-square test and multiple regression. While addressing poverty, Canadian Nurses Association CNA emphasizes the importance of nurse to struggle for poverty and American Nurses Association ANA highlighted that in order to make equal access to health care, a nurse should be professional, and well-attended in socio-political activities.

There are various solution suggestions to prevent the risks in the working area and it is very important for each department to determine their own risks in order to protect the health of workers. The Factors effecting Job Satisfaction were determined as weekly working hours, the number of seizures in the past month, number of patients to whom day care is given.

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Aim of the study is to determine the efficiency of Safe Motherhood Training Program which was developed based on public services model in Diyarbakir center where inefficient number of Health Service Providers and limited ratio of safe motherhood program users exist. Interventional procedures are applied heavily, with high rates of morbidity and mortality in intensive care units, for receive quality care of patients receiving treatment and care in accordance with individualized duration of hospital stay, nurses have an important responsibility.

Poverty affects all segments of society, especially women and children. Generally, poverty is defined as the lack of opportunities for people to meet their basic needs.

The study was carried out at Gynecology and Obstetrics Service of a university hospital between 15 November December In this review, in intensive care units where we think that nursing care is critical, the negative effects on patients of physical conditions of the unit and of treatment process, and nursing care to cope with them was discussed in the literature.