English – Lozi dictionary online at Glosbe, free. Browse 84 phrases and ready translation memories. A collection of useful phrases in Lozi, a Bantu language spoken mainly in southwestern Zambia, and also in Zimbabwe, Bostwana, the English, siLozi ( Lozi). Translation for ‘lozi’ in the free Swahili-English dictionary and many other English translations.

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Ni bakulele yena, slap him for me. Ku bofa lipulu, to inspan oxen. If you would like to make any corrections or additions to this page, or if you can provide recordings, please contact me.

Wa bata ku bina ni na?

Mushimani yo u buzwa, this boy is lazy. Lo bandukile mwa ndwa, we got through the war without harm rel. Ku ca mutu busifa, to slander someone with evil intend.

Later we will add dictionary and phrases in English, which will help English learners. Musebezi o bunolo, easy work.

U Srulezi kai” where have vou been brought up” caus. Click on any of the non-English phrases that are links blue to hear them spoken. Kanini ha ka supiswi diftionary, the little finger is never used to point at somebody.

You should know, that Glosbe does not store word but rather the idea of what the word means. Ku ina mwa bunsu, to live in ignorance. Na fumbela ku eng,ish a mutu, he was threatening to kill someone, rel. Ba baamisize ndembela ye fubelu ku kwala mukwakwa, they have positioned the red flag, closing the road. Kanga Mubita, the little Mubita. Iight beer in a small quantity: Musali yo u bekabeka hahulu mwan’a hae, this woman spoils her child far too much.


Ku apala batu, to take people by surprise, to invade as during a war. Dictionar ni zibi kapa u ta taha, I don’t know whether dictiionary will come see: Buhobe bo ki bo bunde hahulu, this ‘buhobe’ is excellent.

Bahabo luna, our relations; bahesu, my relations, bahenu, Your relations. Kabesi mulao kabe batu ba fosa hahulu.

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Bana ba akana lico, the children are rushing for the food. Ni fumani ku li bundaa! Lu bonani kale hahulu, it is a long time since we saw each other. Mu sike mwa cipisa musebezi wa mina. E, e, has two sounds. Silimo si kala ka kweli ya Sope, the year begins in January; Ni na ni ku kala musebezi ka la Mubulo, I have to start work on Monday.

Eni is more polite than e: Ba lisepe ba fwekile mahani the paddlers landed yesterday: Ba teile tutwa mwa masimu. Likota li bundami, the firewood is piled up. Lisila la bundoli-ndoli, spotted material.

Mwanana So ki cakala, englixh is an harassing child; musali wa cakala, a nuisance of a woman. Also applied to rabies in animals. Ufana ka—ete, he gives grudgingly. U y’o cimbeka litino za hao mwa mezi, go and soak your clothes in water, Ku cimbekafela lilabo, to paddie lightly on the surface in order to slow down the speed of a canoe.


Li-tombo za ka li folile c tWle, the sores I had are all healed now. U sike ua ikacela na, don’t iook down on me. Such translated sentences are very useful addition to dictionaries.

Lozi | Definition of Lozi in English by Oxford Dictionaries

A mu ni am-bolele litaba, tell me the news. Manduna ba atulisa Ngambela, councillors assist the Ngambela in trying cases. Lu utwile buipulelo bwa hae, we have heard his confession. U sike wa bapanya mutu ya lukile ni silumba sani, do not compare a good man with that rascal.

Ku supa fa bululi, to point to the right direction. Ni ikolqtalize kuw mun-usna, I have hurt my finger. Some day I will get my revenge. Kacenu, se li cimbu-cEmbu, u hola mali a mahata he is tolerably well off today and earns quite a lot of money.

Litapi li cEmbukile mwa lisa, poisoned fish have risen to the surface of the lake.