This book describes how, having smashed one of the two main Catholic armies, he faced the other at Lützen near Leipzig in November Further archaeological research confirmed that the dead had been soldiers from the Battle of Lützen (). The mass grave was block-lifted. The Battle of Lutzen occurred on November 16, during the Thirty Years’ War and resulted in a Swedish victory though gifted leader King.

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History of the Teutonic Order. Bashar al-Assad, faced an unprecedented challenge to its….

Discover some of the most interesting and trending topics of During the battle, none of the senior commanders of the imperial flank escaped injuries.

The Swedish attack was a success. Royal Swedish funerals through five centuries ] in Swedish. After the death of Pappenheim, the fighting spirit of his soldiers waned, and the Swedes managed to seriously sway the imperial left flank.

A shoemaker’s wife was said to have given birth to a freak and a calf with two heads had been born. The sorrowful procession moved slowly across the country towards the capital. However, Pappenheim approached the battlefield lutzwn three cavalry regiments. Two days before the battle, on 14 November in the Gregorian calendar, 4th in the Julian calendar the Roman Catholic general Albrecht von Wallenstein decided to split his men and withdraw his main headquarters back towards Leipzig.

Soon afterwards, towards 1: Gustav Adolf made a counterattack, and his horse was injured, and the king was wounded in the arm by the same lutsen. The fight raged fiercely all day, but when night fell the Swedes had won an important victory. The last battle began at about Swedes again attacked the imperial right flank.


Ina mass grave containing the remains of 47 soldiers were found in an area where a Swedish unit known as the Blue Brigade was reportedly defeated in a surprise attack by a Catholic cavalry unit. It consisted of people from Sweden and the nearby areas.

Having been forced to assault an entrenched position, Sweden lost about 6, men including badly wounded and deserters, many of whom may have drifted back to the ranks in the following weeks. The body of Gustav II Adolf was plundered of its clothes and gold jewellery and left on the battlefield dressed only in his shirts and long stockings. The Swedes could demonstrate the usual attributes of victory in the form of captured arms and prisoners in Leipzig.

Soon most of the Swedish front line was in chaotic retreat.

The Batle of Lutzent in Thirty Years’ War | About History

The head of the attack, Count Braga, was wounded. Retrieved 26 September Bishops and priests welcomed the procession in the outskirts of the town and along the road from the gate to the church money were thrown to the people. Strategically, the loss of Gustavus Adolphus meant the French became the dominant power on the “Protestant”, or in their case, anti-Habsburg, side, eventually leading to the founding of the League of Heilbronn lugzen the open entry of France into the war.

An examination of 17th century military material culture Thesis. Rines, George Edwin, ed.

The attack continued without him, and with Gustavus Luttzen, only seven or eight remained. At the same time, Pappenheim’s counterattack collapsed. However, Gustavus Adolphus’ army, marched out of camp towards Wallenstein’s last-known position and attempted to catch him by surprise.


The king’s horse, Streiff, followed the procession with the king’s body through northern Germany.

Battle of Lützen

American Civil War, four-year war —65 between the United States and 11 Southern states that seceded…. Pin It on Pinterest. The imperial army also received reinforcements from Ottavio Piccolomini, who, at the head of two regiments of the second line, entered the battle. The counterattack on the left flank of the Imperials was headed personally by Pappenheim, but he was mortally wounded by at least three musket bullets, and the attack stalled. The city itself was set on fire by order of Wallenstein.

The command was taken over by Prince Bernhard Weimar. This blow, however, had for the Swedish army almost catastrophic consequences.

Battle of Lützen | European history [] |

Date 6 November O. However, when the gunnery paused and the smoke cleared, his horse was spotted between the two lines, Gustavus himself not on it and nowhere to be seen. Schwedenstein inand close by, a chapel, built by Oskar Ekman, a citizen of Gothenburg lutzn.

Pearl Harbor attack, December 7,surprise aerial attack on the U. The widow, Maria Eleonora, rode in a coach, but Gustavus Adolphus young lutze Christina did not participate. In the fog, they were stumbled upon by a group of imperial cuirassiers.

Without him to unify the German Protestants, their war effort lost direction.