Ti aspettavo by Armentrout Jennifer L. (J. Lynn) at – ISBN – ISBN – Nord – – Hardcover. J. Lynn, pseudonimo di Jennifer L. Armentrout, è l’autrice bestseller della serie: Ti aspettavo. – Ti aspettavo – Ti fidi di me? – Stai qui con me – Rimani con me. J. Lynn, pseudonimo di Jennifer L. Armentrout, è l’autrice bestseller della serie: Ti aspettavo – Ti aspettavo – Ti fidi di me? – Stai qui con me – Rimani con me.

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He was caring with her by making sure she was okay and taking care of her, worrying about her and making sure she was okay. And there’s Cam and his pet tortoise Raphael aspettvo I would give 5 stars to.

They’re all like caricatures and I can’t take a single one of them seriously. He just scored one swoon point after another!

I pretty much adored him right from the get go. Even if her chemistry with Cameron was off the charts, she was extremely cautious in having more than a friendship with him, because she was afraid of losing his respect. I loved Cam’s parents though The thing with NA reads is that it’s very hard to please with all the recycled plots 3 – 3.

I drew his mouth to mine and kissed him softly. A history of my and JLA’s relationship: There’s some crazy wish fulfillment thing going on here with Cam.


Gross imbecilic behavior destroys any level of true empathy I could have for her. Little did I know that this was based on the same author that wrote the Lux series, a series I didn’t think I would love and miss so much.

Cliche 1 Avery trips on her first day of school and is saved by a cute guy, aka, Cam. Maybe allowing Cameron to help her would be for the best Cam has some great will power and the patience of a saint! I’ve seen this all in a million different things.

New Romance Italia: Ti aspettavo di J. Lynn

aspethavo Cliche 12 Cam is sickeningly perfect. And yet, for some reason I have been unable to fathom, he only has eyes for Ms clutzy new girl.

We are not ostriches. An extremely sexy, entertaining read!

Ti aspettavo

Ask yourself this, would you go over to a stranger’s house, albeit a cute one, every Sunday morning and cook eggs for them? The part with them at the end was a bit weird! I’m laughing while writing this review there’s no one else in the house, so that’s kinda creepy I guess and it’s really not funny, to be honest.

View all 70 comments. I have assignments, friends, plenty of shit to keep me busy. Feb 03, Angela marked it as to-read Shelves: What’s not to like? View all 35 comments. Wait For You – Kapitel 14 bis 20 4 yi Dec 24, As plot point rather than the hell they are. Sep 23, Kelly and the Book Boar rated it did not like it. Their chemistry is undeniably sizzling and their relationship is quite angsty.


He tends to ask her permission to do something because he wants to make sure she’s okay with it. Girls clamor to be with Cam, but he sets his sights on qspettavo red-headed beauty, 4. D One scene got me teary-eyed, and one scene had me gasping in shock and surprise look at my status below LOL.

I can’t be the only one who had her “dark secret” pinned from the start, right? The reason I said it felt different is because of the characters. She still keeps everyone at an aspetgavo length. Speaking of eyes, his are the deepest blue she has ever seen. Feb 06, Wendy Higgins added it. This accident is the beginning of their friendship.

Wait for You 1. It was sad to hear her whole story but I’m glad she opened up to Cam and told her everything, expecting him to have a whole different reaction to the one he had.

Emma Smith I’m 15 and I’ve read books way worse than this.

The texting, the banter, the flirting… just pure GOLD! In my opinion “Wait for You” is utter shit and I don’t understand in the aspetavo why people enjoy spending time on it.