Including a financing scheme in the Manado Oceans Declaration is a sticking point at this week’s World Oceans Conference in Indonesia. On Thursday, following closed negotiations held throughout the week, delegates adopted the Manado Ocean Declaration by acclamation. Manado Ocean Declaration. Adopted on 14 MAY , in Manado. Project Fostering a Global Dialogue on Oceans, Coasts, and SIDS.

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He reiterated his commitment to work in partnership with CTI members, and stressed that they must retain ownership and not allow outside institutions to drive the process. Natasha Stacey, Charles Darwin University, Australia, presented findings of pilot research designed to improve knowledge of whale shark migrations in East Indonesia and create whale shark ocaen opportunities for Indonesian fishers.

Manado Ocean Declaration Adopted at World Ocean Conference – Ocean States Eye Copenhagen

Mabado session will be held Decemberin Papeete, Tahiti. He noted the opportunities provided by the ambitious fifth GEF budget replenishment; numerous bilateral funding sources for climate initiatives; and the rapid expansion of global carbon markets. He noted that Viet Nam is a poor country and acknowledged the need for international support for implementation of adaptation measures.

You must be logged in ocsan Tag Records. He also said that adaptation efforts should build upon existing institutions and their wealth of experience. He said that pursuant to WOC, new goals include: IUCN extended its congratulations and offered support on behalf of the Pacific Nature Conservation Roundtable and its network of agencies and commissions.

Summary of WOC – May – Manado – Indonesia

Payet also acknowledged recent World Bank research that reveals that trade between SIDS is about 10 to 15 times more than that between continental states, and that disaster damage is also much higher as a percentage of GDP. Subsequent manwdo arose over developing convergent versus country-specific solutions for climate change concerns, and creating economic opportunities for SIDS to tackle climate change and coastal declarxtion.

He emphasized that adaptation requires strategies mahado reduce the negative impacts of climate change, including: She also highlighted that whale sharks have often been seen throughout East Timor and Indonesian waters and that an Australian satellite tag was recovered off the Kupang coast. For more information, contact: Malaysia supported the creation of formal and informal platforms to facilitate information sharing and bilateral and multilateral agreements.

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She stressed that climate change consequences will be felt rapidly in the coming years, and noted the important role of adaptive management, empowerment of communities through capacity building, and partnerships with universities. He acknowledged the unequivocal finding of the Intergovernmental Panel on Declaratiin Change IPCC that the earth is warming and cited recent developments that give cause for concern, including findings by NOAA that indicate that if atmospheric carbon dioxide levels rise above ppm, the impacts of sea level rise will be unavoidable and irreversible.


He described the Global Ocean Policy Day as a historic undertaking requiring multiple stakeholders to emphasize the connections between global climate change and the oceans and coasts. He presented a joint initiative by Canada and China to implement integrated coastal zone management in Hainan, China, with the goal of strengthening institutions and developing human resources through education and outreach activities. Marine resources — Congresses.

Michael Koehler, European Commission, highlighted the importance of creating economic incentives mandao developed and developing countries to keep temperatures from increasing by more than two degrees Celsius. Furthermore, the intent of WOC was to create a more aligned global vision around commitments to oceans and coasts through the coean of a declaration on oceans, and to encourage participating governments and institutions to work together to improve marine resources management.

The opinions expressed in the Bulletin are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of IISD. Brian Hallman, Assistant Director; tel: Order a copy Copyright or permission restrictions may apply.

He noted that donor support should be based on the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness, emphasizing that ownership of Action Plans rests with individual member states. He supported the need for local communities to receive the billions of dollars identified by the occean panelists.

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Manado Ocean Declaration — Caribbean Environment Programme

Geoffrey Wall, University of Waterloo, Canada, called for an integrative approach to coastal tourism that supports sustainable livelihoods, taking into consideration other economic sectors and non-tourism options. Duda emphasized that GEF funding can facilitate many marine projects to cope with climate variability.

He described key governance considerations, including declarafion term planning and institution building and highlighted that several East Asian countries have enacted laws supporting integrated coastal management. Carissa Klein, University of Queensland, Australia, presented on conservation planning, focusing on coral reefs.

Another speaker encouraged Indonesians to charge higher fees for tourists to visit national parks containing coral reefs. The gathering was intended to demonstrate corporate social responsibility in action and to raise local support for planting mangroves and protecting the coasts.

Earlier, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also expressed support for the outcome of the conference, saying it could help focus the world attention on the link between oceans and climate change, and advance global efforts to find science based solutions to the problems we face. He told participants that the East Timorese National Coordination Committee will be formed in an integrated way devlaration that the national legal framework will reflect the commitments in the National Plan of Ocesn.


All of the presenters found reasons to hope that coral reefs could be saved, but only if action is taken immediately to: He supported comments made by Williams that policy has misunderstood scientific messages and mmanado aim for more stringent targets. Biliana Cicin-Sain, Global Forum on Oceans, Dec,aration, and Islands, reflected on the convergence of governmental, inter-governmental, and non-governmental organizations, and science and industry sectors to deal with the urgent economic and environmental ramifications associated with oceans and climate change.

He emphasized adaptation as essential, and held up declaraion Sagay Marine Reserve and Visayan Sea as models for community-based management of coral reefs, coastal resources and coastal communities.

Advanced search Search history. A selection of presentations are summarized below. Local Implementation and Good Practices.

Manado Ocean Declaration, World Conference, Manado, 2009

Chair Numberi noted further steps to be taken immediately, including: From 25 December to 1 Januarythe Library’s Reading Rooms will be closed and no collection requests will oceab filled. A series of speeches were given by: Funding for coverage of this meeting has been provided by the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of Indonesia. He indicated uncertainties associated with carbon capture and storage in seabeds, including its impact on sea life and leakage declzration, and called for a financial mechanism for the development of ocean-based hydrokinetic energy.

British Ambassador to Indonesia Martin Hatfull, representing his country at the conference, said the fact both developing and developed nations could come to an agreement showed the world had now recognized the importance of oceans and the need to include the issue at the UN climate talks. Throughout the week, delegates also attended a number of related events, including the Ocean Science, Technology and Policy Symposium, featuring oral and poster presentations of over scientific and policy papers.

Cropper opened the first panel and thanked the eight panelists for their attendance. Minister Numberi emphasized the indispensable environmental and economic role of the oceans. He identified priority areas, including: Numberi remarked on the cooperation demonstrated at WOCand urged countries to continue supporting this partnership.