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The default setting is 4: Any defect that occurs due to mishandling such as an operation performed that is not mentioned in the Handling Care or other sections of the instructions, etc.

Manual Card Sharing Azbox

One doesnt need to do it from scratch sometimes, if all is functioning well and a new FW comes out. When proof of purchase is not presented with this Warranty Certificate. Otherwise, the digital receiver cannot recognize your USB poftugues.

When setting the time offset from Greenwich Mean Time, make sure that time offset does not include daylight saving time. The following indicates what they mean. There are four timer modes: For more details, have a look at your router’s documentation, of course So, only when you put in the list of channels, can you sort out the stuff one can find here: You will see the router’s interface after putting http: Let me show you just one of them, thanx to our Spanish colleagues!


Manual Card Sharing Azbox

To watch the locked sm, you must enter your password. Choose your language, country, city etc. Elite and Premium models cant actually act as twin tuner receiver, even though we were promised they will, many times I will eventually get myself a proper twin tuner MMC, when the right one arrives bu not DMM!!!

Hier kann manProbleme mit E posten. When you don’t feel like searching for or can’t change the full version what can you do?

To make a reserve event without recording, select play. Get out to Plug-ins, choose it, get the keys Reboot.

They are also used to navigate around menu screens. You can change the audio output with the buttons when it is available.

Because it is a computer, after all This warranty does not cover the following, and the customer will be required to pay repair charge, even for defects occurring within the warranty period referred to above: Specify the frequency in MHz. Countless thanx to enthusiasts who made the portuguss and consistent effort, in their spare time studying all this, testing, experimenting, debating, packing them and uploading it all for all of us to use with easedue solely to pirtugues good will and capacity to share.


It should look something like this: You should see the traffic on the PC screen.

If you have any problem with your setup or need help, contact your dealer. However, unlike analogue broadcasts, digital broadcasts are not all assigned to their own frequencies; instead, multiple television broadcasts are transmitted through a single frequency.

The default setting is Disable. When placed in a cabinet, make sure potrugues is a minimum space of 10 centimeters around it.


Sometimes it is necessary to reboot AZbox HD via remote. NetworkYou can connect the digital receiver to the computer. But one can do it all via a remote, too!

This will provide some protection against damage caused by lightning or power line surges.